Mike Tomlin’s Trust In Mitch Trubisky Giving Him Plenty Of Confidence

While the Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the league’s few true quarterback battles, it does have a leader. Mitch Trubisky has been out in front the first half of this race, running as the first-string quarterback since OTAs, something that’s carried throughout the summer. While Trubisky hasn’t sewn up the job, Tomlin’s trust is giving Trubisky plenty of confidence. Trubisky spoke with CBS’ Jonathan Jones and Bryant McFadden today and was asked about playing for Tomlin.

“Ever since I came here, I came here for the opportunity to start and lead a team,” Trubisky said. “I’ve definitely been given that. And I’m just trying to take advantage of that every day. I think playing for a Coach Tomlin, it just gives you confidence.”

Since Day One, it’s been Trubisky’s job to lose. Cam Heyward outlined how Mike Tomlin’s framed the quarterback battle since the start of the offseason. In the most recent episode of his podcast Not Just Football, Heyward confirmed that Tomlin told the team in the spring that Trubisky was the team’s starter. Not that it was written in pen but that’s how the spring would begin. So far, Trubisky hasn’t done anything to lose grip of that starting spot and put in an excellent practice Tuesday, one of his best of camp, effectively moving the ball downfield. Tomlin reiterated that stance earlier today, saying Trubisky remains the team’s starter. While there’s three preseason games to go, Trubisky’s odds of being the team’s Week 1 starter are well above 50%.

“He’s taught me so much and I think he really gives everybody on the team confidence the way he prepares the way he knows the game,” Trubisky went on to say about Tomlin. “So it’s been a lot of fun and it means a lot to me and I’m just looking forward to it.”

Trubisky will get his first shot inside a stadium Saturday night. While Mike Tomlin won’t speak to the media about it until Friday, Trubisky is highly likely to be the starter for the preseason opener against Seattle and figures to play through at least the first quarter, if not a little longer. A good outing there will go a long ways to him securing a spot. Having a healthier offense will also help with WR Chase Claypool and TE Pat Freiermuth returning to practice this week.

After a bumpy experience in Chicago and being Josh Allen’s backup last year, Trubisky has found stability in Pittsburgh. He’s also found a vote of confidence to be this team’s starter, to fill Ben Roethlisberger’s shoes, and that could go a long way.

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