2021 Preseason Game 2 Steelers Vs Eagles Live Update And Discussion Thread – First Half

Game two of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 preseason will start in an hour, and I am so excited to break in my new house with some Steelers football. Last week I was at Hall of Fame festivities, so I am excited to get the TV tape, commentary, and all the additional angles that you miss out on when you are live.

The Steelers traveled down to the Philadelphia to play against the Eagles in what will be their first preseason competition. Since the Steelers had an extra preseason game this year, a similar division of labor can be expected with a handful of players who sat out in the first game set to get a few snaps of game action. Coach Mike Tomlin already confirmed that Najee Harris will get a similar workload as he saw in week one, and this week we should get to see Pat Freiermuth’s debut in NFL action after a minor injury held him out last week.

And from all reports, Freiermuth should be fun to watch tonight:

A little clarity came through on some of the additional players from week one who did not participate that will get at least some snaps tonight.

It is good to see Chase Claypool back out there after a slight scare in the Hall of Fame game.

It looks like Zach Banner is to be held out of one more game as he was spotted amongst those without pads for the game.

The Steelers will be kicking at the top of the game as Chris Boswell will see his first action in the 2021 season.

Devin Bush’s name called for the first time in almost a year. This first play, Dallas Goedert with a big reception over the middle for the first down and then some.

The Eagles first drive ended in a field goal, mostly due to that long Goedert reception.

Anthony McFarland Jr. was back to field the kickoff.

Just as the game kicked off, Kevin Colbert appears to have pulled off a trade.

Joe Schobert, best known to Steelers fans as the linebacker with three interceptions on Ben Roethlisberger against the Browns a year or two ago.

Najee Harris with a nice cutback into an open gap. A pickup of about 13 yards capped off with a hurdle. Offensive holding will bring the play back.

Mason Rudolph incomplete over the middle to Najee Harris. A big hit by the defender forced the ball incomplete.

The Steelers forced to punt, Jordan Berry getting his opportunities this week as a rebuttal to Pressley Harvin III’s excellent week. Berry, not to be outdone, pinned the ball on the two yard line. Maybe the Steelers can trade a punter?

The Eagles offense, led by Jalen Hurts, continues to move down the field. This time, a connection with Zach Ertz.

The Steelers pass rush without its top players is looking good for the second week in a row. A deep pass with Cameron Sutton in coverage fell incomplete. Lucky for Sutton as he got tripped up on the play and was nowhere near in coverage.

On first down, Mason Rudolph over the middle to Juju Smith-Schuster. A nice pickup of five. Najee Harris with another long pickup called back by offensive holding. This time, called on Trai Turner. Najee attempted another leap, he really wants to break a big one.

Mason Rudolph connected with Diontae Johnson deep on the right sideline. Rudolph 6-for-7 so far. Looking much better than last week. So far holding penalties have been the killer.

Diontae Johnson got the ball on 3rd and long, nearly weaved his way through traffic, but was brought down short.

Jordan Berry with another punt. Beautifully placed inside the 10 yard line.

Arthur Maulet with a nice crash down in run support to hold the first down run to five yards.

Robert Spillane in coverage on second down, but the ball was completed for a fresh set of downs. Spillane of course playing without knowing that his job was taken via an in-game trade.

Quez Watkins along the left sideline easily ran by Tre Norwood. Norwood isn’t known for straight line speed, but Watkins was absolutely flying. Joe Flacco was in on this drive.


Mike Tomlin wasn’t lying. He wants Kevin Dotson to earn it.

Anthony McFarland Jr. up the middle on second down for a pickup of about 5. Najee likely done for the night. His stat line didn’t look good, but two nice runs were called back on questionable holds.

After another penalty, the right side of the Steelers offensive line got manhandled on the pass rush to give up the sack. The Steelers will be punting from deep on their own side of the field.

It looked like Joe Haeg was also partially to blame on the sack.

Cameron Sutton getting picked on a bit on the outside. A first down completion across his face as the defender beat him to the sideline.

It is a hot day in Philadelphia and the Steelers defense is looking sluggish as a result.

The field goal is good for the Philadelphia Eagles. 13-0 Eagles.

The Eagles have gotten points on every drive so far of the game. Not a great look with some of the Steelers starters getting play time early on.

Dwayne Haskins time.

Haskins is earning his nickname that Mike Tomlin gave him, “Checkdown Charlie”. He dumped the ball off at or behind the line of scrimmage to set up 3rd and 7.

Haskins scrambled out on 3rd down and bought himself the space necessary to make the play. The receiver was open, but Haskins never set his feet and was off target.

The Steelers punt. Berry’s punt inside the 20, but it was returnable. A short return to set up the Eagles on their own 25 yard line. Joe Flacco still behind center for Philadelphia.

Kerryon Johnson fell down on 2nd and 15, but somehow got up and ran for eight yards. Jamir Jones ended the drive for the Eagles with a sack on Joe Flacco. Just the second punt for the Eagles of the night.

Pat Freiermuth for six yards over the middle. I believe his first career reception in the NFL (preseason).

The Steelers finally convert a third down as Anthony McFarland was shoestring tackled as he swept out to the right sideline.

A screen pass on first down to Rico Bussey for a gain of 8. The Steelers offense can get in a groove here if they string together a couple fresh sets of downs.

Dwayne Haskins deservedly getting some praise on the broadcast for an NFL caliber throw to Cody White. The Steelers are now in field goal range.

Dwayne Haskins took a shot into the endzone, but defensive pass interference gives the Steelers a fresh set of downs very close to paydirt.

Anthony McFarland with a nice finish to get into the endzone. The PAT by Chris Boswell is good. 13-7 Eagles.

Justin Layne was beat badly for a first down conversion from Joe Flacco.

Robert Spillane is making the Joe Schobert trade look a lot more attractive.

The Eagles drive stalled out with three straight incompletions.

The Eagles hit the long field goal. 16-7 Eagles.

End of Half.


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