2021 Preseason Game 2 Steelers Vs Eagles Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers are trailing the Philadelphia Eagles 16-7 after the first half of play. The story of the first drive was penalties for the Steelers offense. A few promising Mason Rudolph led drives stalled out due to offensive holding calls.
The Steelers are set to receive in the second half.

Rico Bussey caught the first down pass and was hit helmet to helmet for an additional 15 yards.

Anthony McFarland carrying the momentum forward from the first half touchdown. He is running well early in the 2nd.

Dwayne Haskins got a free play on a penalty flag and he scrambled out of the pocket to get a wide open Anthony Johnson. The point after attempt is good by Sam Sloman. 16-14 Eagles.

Justin Layne with the interception to set up the possible go-ahead drive in this preseason tilt. Dwayne Haskins is still at the quarterback position and Anthony McFarland Jr continues his rushing success. It will be interesting to look at the offensive line tape to see what set up this rushing success.

Cody White found the soft spot of the zone and picked up the first down. The Steelers are within field goal range which would put them up by 1. Haskins did a nice job with his reads to find the first down conversion.

Jaylen Samuels picked up handful of yards on 2nd down to set up 3rd and short in the redzone. It will be interesting to see the playcall in this area. Last year, the Steelers would have gone for the endzone pass.

This year, Jaylen Samuels takes it up the middle to just about the one yard line and a fresh set of downs.

Samuels got the ball again and although he hit a brick wall at first, his leg drive barely pushed him into the endzone. The PAT is good. 21-16 Steelers.

The Steelers strength in the second half of these preseason games would suggest their depth might be pretty healthy right now. Circle some of these “camp names” as you could very well see them in the near future on the 53 man roster.

Marcus Allen in coverage on 3rd down, the ball could have been caught, but the receiver dropped it. The Eagles punt went for 69 yards, but rolled into the endzone for a touchback.

Zach Gentry caught everything coming his way in camp. Disappointing for someone that seemed to be building hype.

Dwayne Haskins brilliant play continues. He is making good NFL throws with that arm strength on full display.

Another hard throw to Pittsburgh native, Kevin Rader over the middle for 11 yards. The Steelers are knocking on the door of the endzone once again. If Haskins converts here, that has to be it for him for the night and one awesome performance.

Haskins couldn’t quite connect with Isaiah McKoy in the back of the endzone, but the field goal is good. 24-16 Steelers.

The Steelers were down by 16 at one point. A pretty great comeback here in the second half.

Isaiah Loudermilk and Quincy Roche in for the sack after a huge Eagles run was negated by a penalty. 3rd and long for the Eagles deep in their own end.

McKoy was back on the punt return. That will probably be the last one we see from him. He ran about 10 yards backwards and got tackled.

By my count, the Steelers backup pass rush was doing great, and the 3rd stringers kept that same energy. The Steelers defensive front is deep in that regard – especially with the addition of Melvin Ingram a few weeks ago.

Josh Dobbs in at quarterback. He had plenty of time back there, but tossed into traffic for an interception. The Eagles get the ball back in the redzone.

Isaiah Loudermilk with a nice batted ball at the line of scrimmage. On the next play, Lafayette E. Pitts with the interception to bail the Steelers defense out in the redzone.

The Josh Dobbs led Steelers secured the first down and the Eagles have an injured player down on the field. The Eagles have one timeout remaining and 2:07 left on the clock down 16-24.

The Steelers picked up another first down as the 2:00 warning comes up. They should be able to just take knees to end it.

Dwayne Haskins found himself trending on Twitter after this one. A pretty good showing for him – easily the star of the game for Pittsburgh.

The Eagles used their final timeout as the Steelers rushed to a very manageable 2nd and 1.

Final Score – 24-16 Steelers

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