Third Week Of May Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Welcome back to another edition of the Friday Five. The 2021 offseason is about to reach its quietest point over the next couple weeks and into the summer. The Steelers will still have OTAs and mincamps through mid-June to keep us busy but we’re definitely going to get creative to bring you guys some unique offseason content. I’m working on the Steelers’ All-Undrafted team while Dave Bryan is keeping you up to date on the team’s cap situation.

The Steelers have also signed a majority of their draft class. All that remains are the team’s top three picks: RB Najee Harris, TE Pat Freiermuth, and C Kendrick Green.

As usual, I have five Friday night questions for yinz to answer these next several hours. I look forward to reading the responses in the comments below this post.

Have a great rest of your weekend and once again, thank you for stopping by the site.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – We learned this week Dick LeBeau will present Troy Polamalu into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this summer. If you could have one Steeler player or coach, current or former, present you into the Hall of Fame of your job, who would it be?

2 – Who do you believe is the better QB right now? Joe Burrow or Ben Roethlisberger? And who will be the better QB by the end of the year, Burrow or Ben? We already know what Adam Schein thinks.

3 – Vance McDonald played 44% of the Steelers’ offensive snaps in 2020. Jesse James played 50% of the Steelers’ offensive snaps in 2018. What percentage of snaps will Pat Freiermuth play in 2021?

4 – Bleacher Reports predicts Chase Claypool will lead the Steelers in receiving yards this season. Do you agree? If not, who will lead the team in receiving yards?

5 – Eric Ebron is now part of Tight End University. If Ebron could magically learn one skill at their summit this summer, which would you choose it to be — more consistent hands or be a better blocker?

Recap of 2021 Rookie Minicamp Weekend Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Steelers Depot respondents rate the Steelers’ 2021 schedule as very tough. While responses ranged from the midpoint on the 10-point scale to 10, the median rating was a nine.

Question 2: 70.6% of respondents prefer the Steelers to play at home on the final week of the season if forced to choose between Week 1 and Week 18. Depot respondents subscribe to the golf adage of “drive for show, putt for the dough.”

Question 3: Jack Lambert tied with None on whose jersey respondents would retire if given the opportunity. One respondent said they wouldn’t choose anyone unless a gun was put to their head before naming someone. A large segment of respondents feel that no more jerseys should be retired, and the Steelers Hall of Honor should be enough. That said, Mike Webster was the next most-named player with Ben Roethlisberger tied with Terry Bradshaw for the third spot.

Question 4: 35% of respondents plan on attending a Steelers game this season. That’s an extremely high percentage. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, some estimates were that less than three percent of NFL fans had ever attended an NFL game in person. I’ll be attending as many games as I can this season. I hope to meet some of you at a game in 2021!

Question 5: Respondents rank Ben Roethlisberger anywhere from number two to 20 among the 32 starting quarterbacks. Jason La Canfora rated Ben near the bottom just above unproven rookies. Pro Football Focus contributor Bruce Gradkowski ranked Ben right in the middle at number 16 which seems more realistic. As for Steelers Depot respondents, the consensus places Ben at number 13.  He loves a challenge and is sure to want to prove his critics wrong.

Thanks to everyone who is responding to the Friday Night Five Questions during the offseason. Good to keep your prognostication skills sharp for the upcoming season.


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