2020-2021 NFL Conference Championship Week: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and I hope the week has gone well for everyone.

Wow, what a busy week it has been for us covering the Pittsburgh Steelers. There has been quite a bit of news this week and that includes the team signing quarterback Dwayne Haskins, a 2019 first-round draft pick, on Thursday and the announcement by tight end Vance McDonald on Friday that he is retiring. Mix the other news concerning the coaching staff and you have a week that has kept us all on our collective toes.

We have some great Conference Championship games on tap on Sunday and I really look forward to watching them. I think there’s a chance both road teams can win on Sunday. If that were to happen, we would have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. Regardless of which teams win on Sunday, we should be in line for a great Super Bowl.

As you have probably noticed by now, we’ve begun to roll out our annual player profiles for draft prospects. We look forward to posting 200 or more on draft hopeful players this year as we have added a few more people to our site’s scouting department.

I plan on getting some new ink on by body Saturday afternoon and then get some initial tax preparation knocked out. Saturday night I will be working more on a few draft hopeful player contextualizations that I think most of you will enjoy reading and reviewing.

Our Friday night five question playoff edition contest continues this weekend and below are this week’s offerings we would like you to take a shot at answering. Remember, you are competing for cash prizes. Below the weekly five questions is a recap of the Divisional Round weekend five questions and tiebreaker, along with standings updates from our very own David Orochena (@subBurgher).

It’s going to be a busy and exciting next several weeks for the Steelers. Thank you to all who continue to support the site regularly and thank you for all off the great support in 2020 and early on in 2021.

Have a blessed and safe rest of your weekend! Peace and love, peace and love!
Go Steelers!

1 – Tom Brady knocked Drew Brees down in the TD contest. Who will throw for more touchdowns in Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers – Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

2 – Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill gained 110 receiving yards last week while Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs managed 106 yards. Who will gain more receiving yards in their match-up this week? (Patrick Mahomes has been cleared to play)

3 – Will the Chiefs defense sack Bills quarterback Josh Allen more than once on Sunday?

4 – Will the Packers defense intercept a pass by Brady on Sunday?

5 – Which quarterback will have the most passing yards in the two Conference Championship games on Sunday?

Tiebreaker – Total combined points scored by the four teams in the Sunday Conference Championship games.

Recap of 2020 NFL Division Games Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1:   No one picked Lamar Jackson, Curtis Mayfield, or Jared Goff to throw for the most passing yards in the Divisional Round games. 45% of respondents voted Patrick Mahomes as most likely to pass for the most yards. However, his injury kept him to 255 passing yards. Aaron Rodgers was the next favorite with 23% of the vote and his 296 passing yards led all eight quarterbacks.

Question 2:  During the regular season, Nick Chubb averaged 88.9 rushing yards per game. Tyreek Hill averaged 85.1 receiving yards per game. But Depot respondents overwhelmingly favored Tyreek Hill with 74% of the vote. Chubb ended up rushing for 69 yards while Hill gained 110 receiving yards.

Question 3: Tom Brady won the touchdown contest with Drew Brees two to one. 77% of respondents picked up a point by sticking with Tom Terrific.

Question 4:  Lamar Jackson managed to throw a pick-six, but Josh Allen avoided Ravens defenders. 36% of respondents said the Ravens would not intercept a Josh Allen pass and got a point.

Question 5: The Green Packers went over 23.5 points with a touchdown early in the third quarter to go up 25-10. The Packers scored 32 to the Rams 18. 84% of respondents picked up a point.

Tiebreaker: The teams combined to score 159 points in the four division games. The median response predicted 200 points scored. However, the tiebreaker not a factor this week.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions QB Most Pass Yards Chubb Rushing or Hill Receiving? Brady or Brees more TD passes? Ravens Intercept Allen? Packers O/U 23.5 points?

Ten folks answered four of five questions correctly and almost swept the board. Wonderful job. However, SJT63 answered all five and got the five-point bonus in addition to winning $25 for the division round. He’s going to be tough to beat now.  Excellent job! Contact me on my twitter handle @subBurgher to collect your winnings.

2020 Post Season leaderboard after Division round weekend:

SJT63 15 1st +1
ImMikeD 10 2nd -1
Ted Webb 9 3rd (tie) -1
B&G 9 3rd (tie) -1
Buckeye Steel 9 3rd (tie) -1
Donte Williams 9 3rd (tie) -1
PaeperCup 8 7th (tie) -5
FlaFan47 8 7th (tie) -5
Steven Small 8 7th (tie) -5
Steelers D 8 7th (tie) -5
Earl 8 7th (tie) -5
*ManRayX 8 7th (tie) +11
*Jaybird 7 13th (tie) +5
pittfan 7 13th (tie) -11
*hoptown 7 13th (tie) +23
*Douglas Prostorog 7 13th (tie) +23
*Keneyeam 7 13th (tie) +5
*Andi B 7 13th (tie) +23
*Stone Age Tone 7 13th (tie) +5
Doc Ellis D 7 13th (tie) -11
Solsunforge 7 13th (tie) -11
*Wes Lee 6 22nd (tie) -4
*DirtDawg1964 6 22nd (tie) -4
*Beaver Falls Hosiery 6 22nd (tie) +14
*Don2727 6 22nd (tie) -4
*Andy N 6 22nd (tie) -4
*ValyrianSteelerJedi01 6 22nd (tie) -4
*Jason W 6 22nd (tie) -4

*New to leaderboard

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