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Report: Steelers Say “Hell No” To Teams Wanting To Trade For Brown

In case you missed it over the course of the last few days, Omar Kelly, who covers the Miami Dolphins for for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, posted this little gem on Twitter concerning Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

If Kelly had listened to Steelers team president Art Rooney II talk about Brown during his recent annual question and answer session with the Pittsburgh media, he probably wouldn’t have tweeted such nonsense. While Brown is indeed about to enter the final year of his current contract, Rooney indicated that an extension his likely forthcoming during the offseason. In fact, recent reports indicate that contract extension talks between Brown and the Steelers are already underway.

In a recent article by Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, it was indicated that while a few NFL teams are wondering if they can swing some type of trade for Brown, the Steelers aren’t shopping him.

“I’m told several teams have asked the Steelers if Brown is available, and according to two teams, the Steelers have said hell no,” writes Freeman.

Brown reportedly told Freeman that he has leaned from his mistakes this past season and hopes to be a “Steeler for life.”

Despite Freeman’s Wednesday report, I’m sure we’ll continue to hear Brown’s name thrown around in the major media from the likes of Kelly until the Steelers wide receiver ultimately signs a new long-term contract extension. Ignore those nuggets when and if you see them.

At this point, I think all of you reading this post will agree that it will be a major shock if Brown isn’t wearing a Steelers jersey for several years to come.

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