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Art Rooney II On Antonio Brown: We Want Him To Remain A Steeler

Lot of talk around Antonio Brown’s future with the team. If you were freaking out, Team President Art Rooney II’s statement’s today should help calm you down.

The PPG’s Gerry Dulac brings the good news, via Rooney, regarding AB.

In short, Rooney II says Brown is a good guy and the Steelers want him to remain in Pittsburgh for a long time. The series of tweets from Dulac, sent out moments ago.

No mincing of words, no waffling, Rooney II is outright specific here. Antonio Brown is going to remain a Steeler and though he has his own problems, they don’t overshadow the massive rewards he offers to the team.

Brown is entering the final year of his contract and is likely to sign a long-term deal that will make him the league’s highest paid wide receiver.

The negative press has been strong lately about AB. From questions over his work ethic and focus, to his demeanor, to even accusations he’s sabotaging the team, the ideas of Brown being traded or not re-signed have been as strong as ever, and really, it’s the first time the idea has ever been tossed out.

But when the Team President says the guy is coming back, he’s coming back. And Brown will be here for a long time.

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