Plaxico Burress Watch Is Over As He Signs With Jets

Plax Watch 2011 is officially over now as wide receiver Plaxico Burress has agreed to a one-year deal with the Jets for a little over $3 million. The Steelers certainly had interest in Burress as he visited Latrobe for most of the day on Saturday and Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert said there was mutual interest on Saturday, but that interest evidently revolved around top dollar.

I have said all along that I did not think Burress would be back and the Steelers being up against the salary cap further hurt his chances of returning. Burress will be 34 years old by the time the season starts and has been out of football for two seasons now. It is not surprising the Steelers kicked his tires, but you knew all along they were not going to over pay for him.

In the end, Burress would have been have been an added bonus to go along with the young receivers on the roster, but this added bonus came with too high of a price tag. Besides, Burress is not the redzone threat he is made out to be and the Steelers have won and can win again without him.

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