Rumor Of Plaxico Burress Back To Steelers Back In Play

Everyone wants to get in a Steelers rumor as of late it seems and Gerry Dulac is latest writer to add to the Steeler regurgitated rumor onslaught. Dulac must feel slighted by the recent attention that Peter King and Jason Cole have received with their recent speculation about Reggie Bush and Tiki Barber being on the Steelers radar and tweeted this afternoon that the Steelers coaches are interested in wide receiver Plaxico Burress if the price is right. Out of nowhere Dulac then says that the Steelers would release Antwaan Randle El to make room for Burress.

Burress, who was released from prison early this month, is not the odds on favorite to re-sign back with Pittsburgh and regardless of what some coaches may or may not have told Dulac, his price will not be right and he is not a fit to return regardless as I pointed out earlier in the month.

The thing I find the most curious about the Dulac tweet is the naming of Randle El as a player to be released should Burress be signed. First off, the Steelers are a good ways away from filling up the 80 man offseason roster and one would think if they did need room to accommodate a Burress signing when free agency begins, someone like receiver Wes Lyons or another camp body type would be released to make room for him. Randle El is set to be a 600K plus cap hit should the Steelers release him, assuming there is a salary cap with the new CBA. It makes no sense to send El right out the door until the final cut downs take place, just in case an injury during training camp or the preseason were to occur more than anything. I find it hard to believe coaches would have fingered Randle El to Dulac as the player to be released to accommodate Burress.

Everyone likes a good rumor as there is not much to talk about until the labor situation has been sorted out, but now it appears that we are recycling the rumors that are not very old right now. I suppose we can expect to hear a Jerome Bettis rumor next or another Willie Parker rumor reset, as I am sure it has not been a good month since we talked about those possibilties. Would it be any more crazier than the other ones flying around at this point? I think not.

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