Daniel Sepulveda Kickoffs & Hang Times Versus New York Giants

We all got our wish this past Saturday night as Daniel Sepulveda got a chance to kickoff 5 times versus the New York Giants on the road. I compiled the 5 kickoffs below in a video and have listed the hang times that I clocked myself. You can look back at the video I did of Jeff Reed versus the Lions if you want to compare. The first kickoff included a penalty on Patrick Bailey for offsides and the second kickoff on the video is the re-kick from the 25 yard line. I thought his kicks were very consistent and his first, fourth and last kicks the best in my opinion. The Steelers will travel to the thin air of Denver this week, so I doubt we will get a good gauge if indeed Sepulveda kicks off again this week. I would like to see him get another try at Heinz Field in the final preseason game against the Panthers. Feel free to time these yourself and add the times in the comments.

Daniel Sepulveda kickoff hang times and distance versus Giants
Kick #1 – 4.10 seconds – 5 yard line
Kick #2 – 3.86 seconds – 13 yard line
Kick #3 – 3.81 seconds – 11 yard line
Kick #4 – 3.87 seconds – 1 yard deep end zone
Kick #5 – 3.90 seconds – 4 yard line

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