Jeff Reed Kickoffs & Hang Times Versus Detroit Lions

We were hoping to see punter Daniel Sepulveda get a chance at a kickoff or two on Saturday night versus the Detroit Lions, but head coach Mike Tomlin did not oblige us. Instead we were stuck watching 6 Jeff Reed kickoffs and compiled them in a video below. I have listed the hang times that I clocked below, but you can time them for yourselves if you like. The one touchback had a tail wind according to the TV broadcast. Regardless this is the same Jeff Reed on kickoffs and they really need to consider giving Sepulveda a try or bring in a specialist if at all possible.

Jeff Reed kickoff hang times and distance versus Detroit
Kick #1 – 3.70 seconds – 9 yard line
Kick #2 – 3.72 seconds – end zone
Kick #3 – 3.94 seconds – 2 yard line
Kick #4 – 3.96 seconds – 12 yard line
Kick #5 – 3.82 seconds – 12 yard line
Kick #6 – 3.86 seconds – 6 yard line

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