2022 Week 12 Steelers Vs Colts Live Update And Discussion Thread – First Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Indianapolis Colts in primetime on Monday Night Football in just under an hour. Two of the lowest performing offenses in the league under the lights with a national audience. One team led by a veteran quarterback who is among the most prolific passers in league history, the other led by a rookie. One team with one of the longest tenured head coaches in the league, the other on an interim head coach (and former player) after firing their leader just weeks ago. A lot of interesting storylines to follow.

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CB Ahkello Witherspoon
RB Jaylen Warren
QB Mason Rudolph
G Kendrick Green
ILB Robert Spillane
CB Josh Jackson
WR Miles Boykin


WR Keke Coutee
QB Nick Foles
C Wesley French
TE Kylen Granson
DE Khalid Kareem
DE Ifeadi Odenigbo
DE Kwity Paye

Steelers are starting out with the ball after losing the coin toss.


Najee Harris and a couple of Diontae Johnson catches and the Steelers are already in Colts’ territory.

Najee Harris rushed for 7 yards on 1st down. Steven Sims picked up 3 yards to convert for a 1st down.

On 1st, Anthony McFarland Jr. went around the left end for a couple yards, but a holding on Dan Moore Jr. brings them back. 1st and 20, Kenny Pickett scrambled and rushed for 8 yards to erase some of the penalty. Still behind the sticks on 2nd and 12, Pickett complete to Pat Freiermuth for 10 yards. 3rd and 2, Pickett put it on the money to Steven Sims, but the defender jarred the ball loose. Matthew Wright good from 45 yards out. 3-0 Steelers.

Just three points there is a bummer, but a good play with his legs and a good play with his arm puts the Steelers back in field goal range to grab the first points of the day.

The Colts start with the ball on 34 after a good kick return.

On 1st down, Levi Wallace batted the ball away. Myles Jack nearly intercepted on the deflection. The very next play, James Pierre intercepted the ball. Back to back interceptable plays and they come away with the second.

Cody White, up from the practice squad, grabbed the naked pass action bootleg pass in the flat for a gain of just two. Najee Harris gained three yards on 2nd to set up 3rd and 5. Kenny Pickett scrambled for about 9 yards for the conversion.

1st and 10, Pickett was sacked for a loss of 5. His pocket collapsed from every angle on that one. Yannick Ngakoue got the sack. On 2nd and 15, Najee Harris was tackled by Stephon Gilmore for just three yards. One on one, Najee needs to win those against a DB. 3rd and 12, Kenny Pickett sacked by Ngakoue again. Sacked out of field goal range and the punt went for a touchback. Highly unfortunate to not even get a field goal after the turnover.

Back to back runs set up 3rd and manageable for the Colts, but Terrell Edmunds in for the sack. The punt went deep, but Sims returned 18 yards to about the 40 yard line.

The last three drives in this game have produced 0 net yardage. That sounds about right for what this game was thought to be going into it.

On 1st down, Najee Harris up the middle for three yards. On 2nd and 7, George Pickens picked up 8 and the first down. He probably could have grabbed an extra yard or two and nearly put himself out of the first down with a football move.

On 1st and 10, Pickett too high to Diontae Johnson on the out route. On 2nd and 10, Anthony McFarland rushed for 14 yards to convert. Nice rush for McFarland who is filling in for the injured Jaylen Warren.

On 1st down, McFarland was stuffed for no gain. On 2nd, a quick pass to McFarland in the flat was tackled immediately for a loss. 3rd and 12, Najee Harris caught the check down pass, but nowhere near the needed yardage. Najee limping off the field a bit. Matthew Wright sent out for the 52 yard field goal. 6-0 Steelers.

Najee Harris getting looked at on the sideline. Not sure what exactly seems to be bothering him.

On 1st down, the pass was deflected at the line of scrimmage and the pass fell incomplete. On 2nd, Jonathan Taylor rushed for 6 and was tackled by Minkah Fitzpatrick. Colts center Ryan Kelly was hurt on the play. 3rd and 4, Cam Sutton nearly got the sack, but Matt Ryan stepped up and evaded. The pass was incomplete and also offensive holding. The penalty was declined and the Colts will punt.

Steven Sims back to receive the punt. He was dropped at the 20 yard line for no return.

On 1st and 10, a deep playaction pass and an amazing catch by George Pickens along the sideline. A gain of 35 yards.

On 1st and 10, Najee Harris ran up the middle for a gain of 5. Benny Snell Jr. received the handoff on 2nd for 3 yards. 3rd and 2, Snell converted up the middle.

Snell on 1st down picked up 5 yards. On 2nd and 5, Pat Freiermuth split the defenders and picked up 12 yards. A nice accurate pass by Pickett.

On 1st and 10, Najee Harris was tackled behind the line for a loss of one. Kenny Pickett scrambled for 9 yards and dove to make it 3rd and 2. McFarland plowed his way through the line to convert. 1st and goal, Najee Harris ran for 6 yards and a touchdown. 13-0 Steelers.

On 1st down, Jonathan Taylor gained 11 and a first down. The next play. Levi Wallace deflected the pass, nearly intercepted. Taylor on the screen pass gained 9 yards. Taylor converted on the next play.

TJ Watt nearly sacked Ryan but he threw the ball away on 1st down. On 2nd an 10, Michael Pittman gained 10. Minkah Fitzpatrick tried to pick the ball off instead of secure the tackle. Could have been 3rd and 9 or so.

On 1st and 10, Taylor rushed for 4 yards. Zack Moss picked up 2 yards on 2nd. On 3rd, an incomplete pass. Another near sack. In reasonable field goal range, Chase McLaughlin attempting the 51 yarder and its good. 13-3 Steelers.

Steven Sims back to return and a touchback. Anthony McFarland caught the short pass and ran 12 yards. Kenny Pickett carrying over 80% completion percentage so far.

On 1st and 10, Pickett complete to Diontae Johnson on the slant for 9 yards. 2nd and 1, McFarland rushed to convert.


On 1st and 10, Benny Snell rushed for 16 yards up the middle cutting back on the outside zone run.

Steven Sims caught the 1st down pass for a gain of 6. 2nd and 4 and the Steelers call their first timeout. On 2nd down, Pickett ran out of bounds and reached his arm out to pick up the first.

1st and 10, a delayed handoff to Najee Harris for a gain of two. Harris walking gingerly off the field again. Timeout #2 by the Steelers. 2nd and 8, Diontae Johnson for 10 yards around the edge and up the sideline for a few extra yards.

1st and goal, Pat Freiermuth was targeted in the end zone, but it was deflected. 2nd and goal, Pickett with the designed quarterback run to gain just three. Colts call timeout #1. 3rd and 7 after the stoppage, Pickett slightly off target to George Pickens and its incomplete. Pickens maybe could have caught it, Pickett maybe could have thrown it better. Mutual fault there.

The Wright field goal is good. 16-3 Steelers.

The Colts get the ball back with about 50 seconds and two timeouts. Steelers defense needs to close out the half since the Colts get the ball back at the top of the second.

The kickoff was returned to the 40 yard line. 00:48 remaining, 1st and 10, Pittman caught the pass for a gain of 6, but the clock is running. Matt Ryan scrambled for a first down and the Colts call a timeout with 00:22.

1st and 10, Cam Sutton sniffed out the screen pass, but wasn’t able to make the tackle. Ineligible downfield on the Colts. 00:17 remaining in the half and its 1st and 15 from their own 48 yard line. Matt Ryan complete to Jonathan Taylor for two yards and he got out of bounds. Alex Highsmith pressured Ryan and the pass was dropped. Damontae Kazee made the 3rd down tackle to make it 4th and 4. A deep field goal attempt of 59 yards. Mike Tomlin iced the kick.

The kick was blocked.


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