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Steelers Stadium Removes Heinz Field Signs, Ketchup Bottles

Mark July 18th, 2022 the official end of Heinz Field. According to multiple videos on Twitter, the Pittsburgh Steelers are removing the old Heinz signs and the famous ketchup bottles as they transition to their newly named Acrisure Stadium. Here’s some clips being posted already.

During last week’s unveiling of Acrisure Stadium, Team President Art Rooney II left open the possibility of the ketchup bottles remaining in some sort of new partnership with Kraft Heinz. But today’s tearing down certainly isn’t a good sign for that possibility going forward.

Pittsburgh’s new home is renamed Acrisure Stadium, part of a 15-year deal worth reportedly $150 million. They will carry the name through the 2036 season. Previously, Heinz Field had been the only name of the stadium, the original partner when the place opened in 2001. It was initially a 20-year deal followed by a one-year extension through the 2021 season.

The new Acrisure names will likely be put up soon, perhaps as early as later today.

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