Biggest Busts In Steelers’ History: WR Limas Sweed

New series we’re starting to pass time during the offseason. The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for building through the draft and being one of the league’s best at it. But they aren’t 100%. Their history is riddled with misses, prospects who couldn’t stay healthy, played in the wrong scheme, had off the field issues, or simply weren’t as talented as the team believed.

We’ll use the offseason to highlight some of the most notable busts in franchise history, revisiting their careers and exploring why they didn’t work out. To start things off, we’re taking a look at WR Limas Sweed, the 53rd selection of the 2008 NFL Draft. At the time, it appeared like he’d be a steal. By his football career’s end, he caught just nine passes.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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