2020 Senior Bowl Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to All-Star weekend. Not only do we have the Senior Bowl on tap for Saturday, but also the Pro Bowl on Sunday. I’ll watch both games but am obviously more excited about watching the Senior Bowl.

The ongoing news cycle centering around wide receiver Antonio Brown is beyond nauseating once again. I feel bad for him, but unless he willingly gets himself some help, his life is not going to change. It’s hard to imagine him ever playing in the NFL again and that’s hard to believe as it’s been right at about 400 days since he had that great route and touchdown catch in the Steelers Week 16 game against the New Orleans Saints. Life moves fast.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this Friday night and I hope several have time to do just that in the comments below.

Have a great and safe weekend and we look forward to attempting to keep you entertained this weekend. Thank you for visiting the site and peace and love to all yinz.

1 – The 2020 NFL Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday in Orlando, FL. In the last three Pro Bowl games the two teams have averaged a combined 37.7 total points scored. Will this year’s combined point total be greater than 37.7?

2 – Will a Steelers player register a turnover (forced fumble, fumble recovery, interception) in this year’s Pro Bowl?

3 – Will the AFC or NFC win Sunday’s Pro Bowl?

4 – Will the North or South win Saturday’s Senior Bowl?

5 – Will either the Senior Bowl or the Pro Bowl have a touchdown of 50 yards or longer scored during it?

Recap of 2019 NFL Conference Championship Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans scored 59 combined points in their game. San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers needed to score just 41 points to reach 100 combined points scored in the two conference championship games. By the end of the third quarter, the 49ers and Packers hit exactly 100 points. The two teams added 16 fourth quarter points reaching a combined total of 116 points scored in the two games. Steelers Depot respondents evenly divided their votes.

Question 2: 80.6% of respondents picked the Chiefs to beat the Titans. A larger 86.1% predicted the 49ers beating the Packers. As a result, 72.2% scored a point by picking both the Chiefs and 49ers to win.

Question 3: Another two-part question. Aaron Rodgers threw for 326 yards, 32 more than Patrick Mahomes’ 294 passing yards. Just 16.7% of respondents selected Rodgers to lead the pack in passing yardage. Jimmy Garoppolo threw only eight passes so did not qualify for the second part of the question. Garoppolo led the remaining three quarterbacks with a 120.2 passer rating. 58.3% of respondents got a point for this part of the question. However, Andy N and Chad Weiss were the only respondents to pick the correct combination of Rodgers for most passing yardage and Mahomes highest quarterback rating.

Question 4: The Conference Championship teams scored 15 touchdowns in the two games. 72.2% of respondents said the two games would have over 10.5 touchdowns.

Question 5:  The first game experienced no turnovers. Rodgers threw three interceptions which were the only turnovers in the two games. 55.6% of respondents scored a point by saying there would be under 4.5 total turnovers in the two conference championship games.

Previous Week: Only 36% of respondents still have their pick to win the Super Bowl alive. Of those left, 62.5% favored the Chiefs and 37.5% the 49ers.

No one hit the five-point weekly bonus, but eight respondents just missed the cut by one question. Jeff McNeill, Ichabod, and Slim Stew got everything right except for picking Mahomes to pass for the most yards. Chad Weiss picked the Titans to win but got everything else correct. Andy N took the over on turnovers while getting the rest right. Excellent job folks!

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions 100+ points in the games? AFC and NFC Champs QB Most Passing Yards/Rating O/U 10.5 TDs? O/U 4.5 Turnovers?
SD Consensus SPLIT 50/50 CHIEFS




Correct Answers YES CHIEFS






Andi B now shares the lead with Slim Stew. Jason Campbell fell behind and is in a four-way tie just one point behind the two co-leaders.

The race for the $50 take all is wide open with two more Friday’s worth of questions to go. Just must respond with some good answers for a chance to win.


Leaderboard after Conference Championship Round:

Andi B 13 1st (tie)
Slim Stew 13 1st (tie) +2
Jason Campbell 12 3rd (tie) -2
Steel_Man24 12 3rd (tie)
Andy N 12 3rd (tie) +3
Ichabod 12 3rd (tie) +3
Andrew 12 3rd (tie) +3
hoptown 11 8th (tie) -5
PittShawnC 11 8th (tie) -2
Earl 11 8th (tie) -2
ManRayX 11 8th (tie) -2
ProVarinati (Rob T) 11 8th (tie) -2
Ted Webb 11 8th (tie) +12
Chad Weiss 11 8th (tie) +12
RMSteeler 11 8th (tie) +12
Beeze 10 16th (tie) -10
Steven Small 10 16th (tie) -10
B&G 10 16th (tie) -10
DirtDawg1964 10 16th (tie) +4
Keneyeam 10 16th (tie) +4
Jason W 10 16th (tie) +4
Jeff McNeil 9 22nd +9
Don2727 8 23rd (tie) -17
Jaybird 8 23rd (tie) -17
tonyamos7 8 23rd (tie) -3
FlaFan47 8 23rd (tie) +6
pittfan 8 23rd (tie) +8
Beaver Falls Hosiery 8 23rd (tie) +8
Wes Lee 8 23rd (tie) +8
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 8 23rd (tie) +8
SJT63 7 31st (tie) -25
Tom Steelers All the Way! 7 31st (tie) -25
Chris92021 7 31st (tie) -11
MP 7 31st (tie) -2
Jeff Papiernik 7 31st (tie)

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