2019 NFL Conference Championship Round Weekend: Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and welcome to the 2019-2020 NFL Conference Championship weekend.

We have some great games on tap for Sunday with the winners advancing to Super Bowl LIV. I realize that most of yinz will be rooting for the Tennessee Titans to win on Sunday and I don’t rightly blame you if that’s the case. On Saturday, the annual East–West Shrine game as well as the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl will both take place so that will at least have me interested some of that afternoon.

All next week is the Senior Bowl week and we’ll have Alex Kozora and Daniel Valente both on hand in Mobile, AL covering that annual all-star game for the site as we really start ramping up our annual Pittsburgh Steelers pre-draft coverage.

Steelers team president Art Rooney II made his expected media rounds this past week and we certainly have had a lot to digest in that regard. We’ll have a few more posts dedicated to some of his comments over the remainder of the weekend.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this Friday night and I look forward to reading those in the comments below. Have a safe and prosperous weekend and we look forward to entertaining you some on Saturday and Sunday and especially during the games.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Yes or no: Will 100 or more combined total points be scored in the two Conference Championship games on Sunday?

2 – Name the two winners of Sunday’s Conference Championship games.

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

3 – Two-parter: Name the quarterback who will have the most passing yards in Sunday’s Conference Championship games and the one who will finish with the highest passer rating. (must have at least 15 pass attempts to qualify)

4 – Over/under 10.5 total touchdowns being scored in the two Conference Championship games on Sunday

5 – Over/under 4.5 total turnovers in the two Conference Championship games on Sunday?

Recap of 2019 NFL Divisional Round Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: During the 2019 regular season, the four NFC starting quarterbacks playing in the divisional round averaged 995.8 combined passing yards per game. The four AFC quarterbacks averaged 981.7 combined passing yards per game. Understandably, 69.2% of Steelers Depot respondents predicted the NFC quarterbacks throwing for the most combined passing yards in the Divisional Round playoff games. The NFC quarterbacks threw 823 combined passing yards. The AFC quarterbacks passed for 1,162 outgaining the NFC by 339 passing yards even though Ryan Tannehill passed for just 88 yards.

Question 2: Teams scored 27 touchdowns in the divisional round. Passers completed 16 touchdown passes and runners scored ten touchdowns on the ground. The Titan’s special team unit blocked a punt and scored. None of the defensive units managed a pick-six or recovered a fumble that they returned for a touchdown. 59% of respondents scored a point by taking under 1.5 defensive touchdowns scored during the divisional round.

Question 3: 79.5% of respondents picked the San Francisco 49ers to beat the Minnesota Vikings. A narrow majority of 53.8% picked the Green Bay Packers over the Seattle Seahawks.  A massive 92.3% of respondents picked the Kansas City Chiefs over the Houston Texans. The big upset was Tennessee Titans over the Baltimore Ravens. Just 15.4% picked the Titans. DirtDawg1964 swept the games and was the only respondent to pick up a point for this question.

Question 4: Lamar Jackson threw for 365 passing yards and ran for another 143. He also threw two interceptions and fumbled one ball away for three turnovers. Still, he easily exceeded 83.5 rushing yards.  56.4% received a point by taking the over.

Question 5:  The Chiefs and Texans blew the top off the 146 point over/under. They combined to score 82 points which led to 210 total points scored in the four Divisional Round games. 69.2% picked up a point for this question.

Previous Week: Oddsmakers favored LSU but the spread dropped to 5.5 points prior to the game. Regardless, 81.4% of respondents picked LSU covering a 6.5-point spread. LSU covered it easily winning 42-25. Only 41% of respondents still have their pick to win the Super Bowl alive. A full 34.1% went down in flames with the Ravens loss. Of those left, half favor the Chiefs. A third like the 49ers and a few took longshots with Titans and Packers.

No one hit the five-point weekly bonus, but Andi B, Jaybird and Jason Campbell just missed the cut by one question. Campbell just missed the Ravens-Titans winner. Kudos

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions AFC or NFC more passing? Defenses score O/U 1.5 TDs Divisional Round Winners Lamar O/U 83.5 Rush Yards? 146 Points Scored in Division Games
SD Consensus NFC UNDER 49ERS




Correct Answers AFC UNDER 49ERS






We had a dip in responses last week and the prize is there for the taking. Come on folks, you going to leave $50 for just anybody to snag?  Keep answering. You could start this week and with a couple bonuses win it out right!

Jason Campbell and Andi B lead the field … narrowly, anyone going to catch them?

Leaderboard after Divisional Round:

Jason Campbell 9 1st (tie)
Andi B 9 1st (tie)
hoptown 8 3rd (tie)
Slim Stew 8 3rd (tie)
Steel_Man24 8 3rd (tie)
SJT63 7 6th (tie)
PittShawnC 7 6th (tie)
Beeze 7 6th (tie)
Steven Small 7 6th (tie)
Earl 7 6th (tie)
Don2727 7 6th (tie)
Andy N 7 6th (tie)
ManRayX 7 6th (tie)
Tom Steelers All the Way! 7 6th (tie)
Jaybird 7 6th (tie)
Ichabod 7 6th (tie)
B&G 7 6th (tie)
Andrew 7 6th (tie)
ProVarinati (Rob T) 7 6th (tie)
Ted Webb 6 20th (tie)
DirtDawg1964 6 20th (tie)
Chris92021 6 20th (tie)
Chad Weiss 6 20th (tie)
RMSteeler 6 20th (tie)
Douglas Prostorog 6 20th (tie)
Keneyeam 6 20th (tie)
tonyamos7 6 20th (tie)
Jason W 6 20th (tie)
MP 5 29th (tie)
FlaFan47 5 29th (tie)
Jeff Papiernik 4 31st (tie)
Nolrog 4 31st (tie)
Jeremy 4 31st (tie)
Jeff McNeil 4 31st (tie)
pittfan 4 31st (tie)
Beaver Falls Hosiery 4 31st (tie)
Wes Lee 4 31st (tie)
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 4 31st (tie)

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