2019 NFL Wildcard Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to the first NFL playoff weekend of the 2019 season. Happy New Year as well to all and I hope your 2020 is off to a great start.

Unfortunately, the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 New Year isn’t off to a great start as they aren’t in the playoffs once again this year and that’s really disappointing considering where they were with three weeks remaining in the regular season.

The Steelers 2020 offseason is already off to somewhat of a start as all 11 players that ended the regular season on the team’s practice squad have since been re-signed as have a few players that were scheduled to become exclusive rights free agents.

As usual, life goes on for us on the site and we will soon begin our draft profiles in addition to covering the Senior Bowl first-hand as both Alex Kozora and Daniel Valente are both going to Mobile, AL at the end of January. At least we have a full weekend and more of football upcoming with the college national championship game following the weekend’s Wild Card games.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this quiet Friday night and I look forward to reading all of them.

Have a safe and happy weekend and enjoy all the games. Thank you for visiting the site as well.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Will the Steelers move on from any current member of their coaching staff prior to next week’s Friday Night Five questions post?

2 – LSU is currently favored by 6.5-points over Clemson in the National Championship game. Will LSU cover that 6.5-points?

3 – Name the team that will go on to win this year’s Super Bowl.

4 – Name the winners of the four NFL Wild Card games that will take place this weekend. (Must get all four correct to receive credit)

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints
Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles

5 – Last year a total of 144-points was scored in the four Wildcard games. Will the total points scored in the four Wildcard games this weekend be greater than or less than 144?

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 17 Friday Night 5 Questions

Here is the final recap for the regular season Friday Night Five Questions contest. Tonight’s questions will count toward a $50 winner take all contest that will end with questions posed on the Friday before the Super Bowl.

Question 1: Mike Tomlin made it clear that Paxton Lynch would not see the field other than for an emergency during his press conference earlier in the week. He does play some mean air guitar. 75.5% of Steelers Depot respondents picked up a point by saying he would not play.

Question 2: Diontae Johnson led the Steelers with 54 receiving yards. He went over 44.5 receiving yards giving 73.5% of the respondents who took the over a point.

Question 3: Only 37.5% of respondents took the under with most believing that the Steelers offense would score at least two touchdowns. They did have an opportunity in the second half. The Steelers had a first and goal from the eight-yard line. Snell ran twice but the ball stubbornly remained on the eight-yard line. Mike Tomlin called timeout to consider the third and eight play. Hodges passed to JuJu in the left corner but missed and the Steelers settled for a field goal. The Steelers offense ends up under 1.5 touchdowns for the game.

Question 4: Linebackers Devin Bush, Vince Williams, and Mark Barron combined for 20 total tackles. The Steelers running backs carried the ball 21 times. The 60.4% of respondents who took carries over tackles scored a point.

Question 5:  The Steelers season is over. 73.5% of respondents picked up the point by correctly predicting that the Steelers would fail to make the playoffs.

Previous Weeks: Three respondents correctly predicted the Steelers regular season record and got the 15-point bonus from week 1. Two respondents scored the 5-point bonus by foreseeing the Browns 6-10 season.

Four respondents hit the five-point weekly bonus in the final week. Kudos! 17 respondents just missed the cut by one question.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Paxton Lynch Plays Diontae O/U 44.5 Receiving Yards Offense O/U 1.5 TD’s More RB Carries or ILB Tackles? Steelers in playoffs?


Drumroll please …

Jamie Barnhart caught ManRayX by hitting the 5-point bonus on the final week. They ended up in a tie for first place. PittShawnC also scored the bonus and edged out SJT63 for third place. Steven Small charged hard scoring the big 15-point bonus from week 1 but finished just out of the money in a tie for fourth place.

Jamie and ManRayX split the first and second place prize monies each winning $87.50. PittShawnC wins the $25 prize for placing third. Contact me so I can transfer your winnings via PayPal. My twitter is @subBurgher.

On to the postseason contest. Same rules. It will run from tonight’s questions through the questions posed on the Friday of Super Bowl weekend. Winner take all – $50.

Final 2019 Regular Season leaderboard

ManRayX 79 1st (tie)  
Jamie Barnhart 79 1st (tie) +2
PittShawnC 78 3rd +1
SJT63 77 4th (tie) -2
Steven Small 77 4th (tie) +10
Jason W 69 6th
Jeremy 67 7th -3
Kdog 65 8th (tie) -1
MP 65 8th (tie)
DirtDawg1964 65 8th (tie) +17
Andy N 64 11th (tie) -2
B&G 64 11th (tie) -2
Christopher 62 13th (tie) -2
mokhkw 62 13th (tie) +1
Ichabod 61 15th (tie) -4
hoptown 61 15th (tie) +2
IC in Cincy 61 15th (tie) +2
Marcel Chris Chauvet 61 15th (tie) +2
Jaybird 60 19th +2
Beaver Falls Hosiery 59 20th (tie) -6
Jeff Papiernik 59 20th (tie) +1
RMSteeler 59 20th (tie) +1
Slim Stew 58 23rd (tie) -12
PaeperCup 58 23rd (tie) -6
Ted Webb 58 23rd (tie) -2
6 ring circus 58 23rd (tie) +4
ProVarinati (Rob T) 58 23rd (tie) +15
Andi B 57 28th (tie) -3
tonyamos7 57 28th (tie) -1
Jeff McNeil 56 30th (tie) -1
Keneyeam 56 30th (tie) -1
Beeze 56 30th (tie) +2
FlaFan47 56 30th (tie) +2

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