2019 NFL Week 16: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and happy holidays as well.

It’s hard to believe that Week 16 of the 2019 NFL regular season is now upon us. It seems just like yesterday we were readying ourselves to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers first preseason game and now here we are with just two regular season games remaining. Time flies.

The Steelers next two games are obviously big ones as the team is guaranteed the No. 6 seed in the AFC with back-to-back wins. If they lose one of the two, they will need help to get into the playoffs. If God forbid they lose both games, they will need the kind of help similar to that of a miracle.

The Steelers play Sunday on the road against the New York Jets and it figures to be another close and low-scoring game. If they win on Sunday, hopefully they’ll face a Baltimore Ravens team in Week 17 with nothing to play for.

College Bowl season is now upon us and as usual, our very own Daniel Valente is on top of the matter. He’s once again providing pregame previews for each and every bowl game this year and those include potential draft prospects to keep your eyes on. In case you missed it, below is Daniel’s post from this morning that previews the two Friday bowl games. Please make sure to read these over the course of the next several weeks as he puts some time an effort into them.

Like most of yinz, I will be glued to my office year this weekend watching football. Hopefully well all be celebrating a Steelers win over the Jets come Sunday evening.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer starting now and up until the kickoff of the Sunday game between the Steelers and the Jets. I look forward to reading the guesses this week. Thank you all for stopping by the site again this week.

Peace and love and Go Steelers!

1 – Over/under 0.5 times we see an offensive play with two Steelers running backs on the field on offense at the same time against the Jets?

2 – Over/under 17.5 completions on Sunday by Steelers quarterback Devlin Hodges against the Jets?

3 – Over/under 64.5 rushing yards for Steelers running back James Conner against the Jets on Sunday?

4 – Will another player besides Hodges receive a direct offensive snap from center on Sunday against the Jets?

5 – True or false: A turnover or blocked punt will be created by a Steelers special teams unit on Sunday against the Jets?

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 15 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Steelers and Bills combined for five offensive plays of 20 yards or longer. Few people expected a shootout between these two teams. John Brown had 40- and 20-yard receptions while James Washington had 34- and 32-yard receptions. Diontae Johnson had the fifth with a 29-yard reception. 72.9% of Steelers Depot respondents picked up a point by taking under 6.5 offensive plays of 20 yards or more.

Question 2: Duck Hodges threw for 202 yards Sunday night. That is just over the 201.5-yard threshold for this over/under question. This was the gotcha question with just 35.6% correctly answering this question

Question 3: A very tight game. The Bills started and ended the game with a seven-point lead. The Steelers got a three-point lead in the second half, but ten unanswered fourth quarter points finished it. Seven points was the biggest lead of the game. 67.8% scored a point by saying neither team would have more than a 10.5-point lead at any point in the game.

Question 4: The Steelers streak of 20 consecutive games with at least one giveaway was extended to 21 games just six minutes and three seconds into the game. Duck Hodges threw a 35-yard pass intended for James Washington that TreDavious White easily intercepted. Duck threw three more interceptions and Diontae Johnson lost a fumble near the goal line. When will it stop? The horror. 79.7% scored a point.

Question 5: Unfortunately, the team that scored first Sunday won the game. Though he played a horrible game the Duck kept slinging the ball. There was hope for a score to tie or even win the game with a two-point conversion right up to his last interception in the end zone with six seconds left on the clock. 61% correctly called this question.

Previous Weeks: There are 15- and 5-point bonuses up for grabs from week one by correctly predicting the Steelers and Browns regular season records. Both the Steelers and the Browns lost. With two games to go, 32.9% are still in the running for the 15 point and 30.5% for the 5-point bonuses. Just 9.8% could end up with both.

Three folks hit the weekly five-point bonus this week by answering all five questions correctly! Kudos to Ichabod, Jason W, and Jamie Barnhart. 20 other respondents just missed the cut by one question. 14 missed question 2 by taking the under. Just a half yard separating them from the 5-point bonus! Keep answering folks, you’re just missing the weekly five-point bonus by a hair.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions O/U 6.5 plays 20 yards or more Duck O/U 201.5 passing yards More than 10.5-point lead Steelers end turnover streak 1st team to score wins


ManRayX missed the five-point bonus but remains in first place for the tenth week in a row.  SJT63 kept pace just a point behind. Jamie Barnhart took over third place on the strength of his bonus points. Just two more Fridays to see if the front runners can hold their positions or someone else will surge ahead to win, place, or show for the money at the end of the season. Those Steelers and Browns record prognostications back on Week one may come into play.

There were not too many name changes on the leaderboard. Just one, last year’s contest winner GreenBastard dropped off for the first time this season.

Don’t forget to respond this weekend so that you all can maintain the pace. The postseason contest will start right after the regular season ends.

Leaderboard after week 11:

ManRayX 70 1st
SJT63 69 2nd
Jamie Barnhart 65 3rd +2
PittShawnC 64 4th -1
Jeremy 63 5th -1
Jason W 61 6th +3
Kdog 57 7th -2
Andy N 56 8th (tie) -1
Ichabod 56 8th (tie) +17
MP 55 10th (tie) -3
B&G 55 10th (tie) -1
Slim Stew 54 12th -3
mokhkw 53 13th (tie) -1
Christopher 53 13th (tie) +1
Beaver Falls Hosiery 53 13th (tie) +1
PaeperCup 53 13th (tie) +1
Steven Small 53 13th (tie) +1
hoptown 53 13th (tie) +1
IC in Cincy 52 19th (tie) -5
Marcel Chris Chauvet 52 19th (tie) +1
DirtDawg1964 51 21st (tie) -9
Ted Webb 51 21st (tie) -1
Jeff Papiernik 51 21st (tie) +1
Andi B 50 24th (tie) -2
RMSteeler 50 24th (tie) -2
6 ring circus 50 24th (tie) +1
Jaybird 50 24th (tie) +1
Reese Dare 49 28th +2
tonyamos7 48 29th (tie) -4
Earl 48 29th (tie) -4
Beeze 48 29th (tie) +1
Jeff McNeil 48 29th (tie) +1
Keneyeam 48 29th (tie) +1

*New to Leaderboard

ANNOUNCEMENT: After conferring with Steelers Depot headquarters, a decision was reached to declare the winners at the end of the regular season. Awards will be allocated as described at the beginning of the season. Then we will go into the playoffs that will run up to the Friday before the Super Bowl with a $50 winner take all pot for whomever is the best prognosticator in the postseason.

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