Week 3 Early Game Discussion Thread

With the Pittsburgh Steelers playing later on today, we’ll have a chance to sit back and watch the early games in this Week 3 of the NFL season. As previously noted, most of us will be doing a lot of scoreboard watching today and we invite you to watch along with us and chime in below in the comments.

I will try to add a few highlights from several of the other games in this post before posting a little more about the Steelers late afternoon game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Make sure to check back for our weekly live Steelers game blog that Matthew Marczi will be getting started about 45 minutes before kickoff.

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Week 3 early games:

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills – CBS
Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles – Fox
New York Jets at New England Patriots – CBS
Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings – Fox
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs – CBS
Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts – CBS
Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers – Fox
Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys – Fox

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