2019 NFL Week 2: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and welcome to another great football weekend.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Seattle Seahawks Sunday at Heinz Field and while that’s far from a must-win game, it’s probably one they better prevail in. The Steelers Friday injury report includes quite a bit of good news and they should be the healthier of the two teams come Sunday afternoon.

The hot weather has finally broken in Las Vegas and the last three days have been tremendous. It’s starting to feel a little bit like football season.

Do not forget to set yinz DVR right now for the Terry Bradshaw “Football Life” that airs Friday night at 10:00 p.m. EST on the NFL Network. You can see the preview below.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during the next few ights and I look forward to reading all of them in the comments. Keep in mind that David O is now keeping score so its importyAnt that you don’t miss a week. There will be a cash prize at the end of the season for the winner.

1 – True or false: The longest touchdown on Sunday for either team will be longer that 34.5 yards. (All TDs & includes turnover, punt & kick returns).

2 – Over or under: TOTAL of Steelers offensive third down conversion + offensive rushing touchdowns + offensive explosive plays of 20 yards or more will be over/under 13.5?

3 – Name the Steelers defensive player who will have the games’s first sack of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

4 – The Steelers first two offensive plays Sunday against the Seahawks will be?

a – run/run
b – run/pass
c – pass/pass
d – pass/run

5 – Which will be greater on Sunday? Ryan Switzer‘s total receiving yards or his total punt return yards divided in half?

Recap of 2019 NFL Week 1 Friday Night Questions

Okay folks. The result for the first week of the Steelers Depot 2019 Friday Night Questions are in.

Question 1: JuJu Smith-Schuster gained 78 receiving yards. James Conner gained 44 yards in the air plus 21 more on the ground. The two key players gained 143 combined total yards from scrimmage Sunday night. Only 20.7% of respondents correctly predicted that the duo would gain less than 160 yards.

Question 2: Running backs Conner and Jaylen Samuels went onto the field for two offensive plays at the same time. However, the referees wiped one play out by calling a penalty. I checked with Steelers Depot HQ in Las Vegas and the commissioner confirms that the penalty means “No Play” so the two running backs only played one play on offense together at the same time. A significant call since two people would have gotten the 5-point weekly bonus if the answer were 2 plays. It turns out that Rene Gonzalez was the only person to get this question correct.

Question 3: Devin Bush played 53 of the Steelers 70 defensive snaps, 76% of the total. Steelers Depot respondents performed well on this question. 63.4% correctly predicted that Bush would play more than 65% of the total official defensive snaps against the Patriots.

Question 4: On the other hand, 64.7% predicted Tom Brady would finally throw his first home interception against the Steelers. Hearts won over minds in this case.

Question 5: According to Depot respondents, the Steelers final 2019 regular season record will be somewhere between 7-9 and 13-3. The median response was 11-5. Perhaps, Sunday night’s performance has some wanting to revise their prediction. Alas, your responses are recorded. Whomever pegs their record will receive 15 points at season’s end.

BONUS:  The Cleveland Browns final 2019 regular season will be somewhere between 5-11 and 12-4. A couple folks even predicted a tie with an 8-7-1 record. The median response was 9-7. Those that get this correct will receive 5 points at the end of the season.

Welcome to 12 newcomers this week: Christopher (who made a great debut), Spock 101, westcoaststeeler, Jason W, Bob Stolze, Frenchy Fuqua, Kdog, Acerero, FatCat716, ManRayX, Jamie Barnhart, & Slim Stew.

So, after one week, we have a six-way tie for first place. There are 22 other respondents that are just one point behind. Let’s see who is on the leaderboard next week!

NAME week 1 Points
PittShawnC 4
MP 4
Steven Small 4
Jeremy 4
Andy N 4
Christopher 4
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