First Offseason Weekend Of 2019: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and welcome to the first official weekend of the NFL offseason.

While the 2018 NFL season is now over, at least there will be some football for us to watch for the next several weeks as the new AAF league will begin play this weekend. Personally, I look forward to watching the initial games to see how the league’s different rules affect the game. I will be cheering on the Arizona Hotshots as not only are they relatively close to me in Las Vegas, but also because I have a lot of respect for their general manager Phil Savage, who ran the Senior Bowl for several years.

Next week I will be heading back to Florida to look in on my mother for several days so after Tuesday’s podcast I won’t be active on the site until the following Tuesday. Alex Kozora and Matthew Marczi will be handling the site and they, along with the other great writers, should have plenty of content to keep you entertained while I am away. Additionally, the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be in the NFL news cycle daily thanks mainly to wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell. It always seems like there’s some sort of daily news related to the Steelers even during the offseason. <sigh>

I plan on announcing the winner of the Super Bowl LIII props contest on Saturday after I recheck the results. I appreciate all yinz who participated in it this year.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this Friday night and I hope to see several participate. Thank you for making 2018 season the best one this site has ever had and thank you for all the continued patronage.

1 – Will you watch any of the AAF games this weekend?

2- What’s your favorite Alliance team logo?

3 – Name for me the team that Bell will sign with this offseason.

4 – Name one soon-to-be unrestricted free agent the Steelers should go after this offseason.

5 – True or false: The Steelers will transition tag Bell prior to this year’s deadline.

Recap of Super Bowl LIII Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Just checked again, yes, the result is still the same.  The New England Patriots claimed their 6th Lombardi Trophy*.  Steelers Depot respondents were nearly evenly split but the 48.6% who picked the Pats got the point.

Question 2: Thankfully, The Miami Dolphins 14-7 win over the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII was the lowest scoring modern NFL championship prior to the 16 points scored in the Rams loss to the Pats last week. Otherwise, the magnificent 16-6 Pittsburgh Steelers victory over the Minnesota Vikings would have been eclipsed as the lowest scoring Super Bowl. Another slap in the Black & Gold’s face avoided. A surprising 75.7% of respondents took the under and got the point.

Question 3: Wouldn’t it have been nice if the game ended with the Rams returning a pick-6 off Tom Brady to win the game? Not to be. Perfect Tommy (anyone recognize what film that character was in?) was not to be denied. Neither were the 70.3% of respondents who said there would not be a defensive touchdown scored in Super Bowl VIII. They all got a point.

Question 4: Tom Brady threw for 262 yards. Significantly less than the 314.5 yards in this question. 51.4% said less and got a point.

Question 5: Yoi. I’m feeling nauseous even typing out the response to this question. 45.5% got a point by this injustice.

I had to experience this Super Bowl vicariously by listening to the Terrible Podcast. The last Super Bowl I watched was played on February 6, 2011.

Brian Tollini swept the questions and jumped 14 places into a tie for 11th by scoring the 5-point weekly bonus for a top score of 11 for the week. Kudos.

The results are in and the GreenBastard won the top prize of $75 with a 1st place finish. Congrats! ImMikeD claims 2nd place and $50. It was a battle for 3rd but don2727 edged out Matt Manzo to show for the money. $25 to you sir. Send me a twitter DM @subBurgher and will arrange to get you your winnings via PayPal.

Hope you all enjoyed, we can do it again next season if you want. Send any suggestions on how to make it better.

Here is the final 2018 leaderboard:

GreenBastard 103 1st 21
ImMikeD 96 2nd 22
don2727 93 3rd +1 21
Matt Manzo 92 4th -1 22
ND_Steel 90 5th 22
Beaver Falls Hosiery 89 6th 22
DirtDawg1964 88 7th 22
Wes Lee 86 8th (tie) -1 22
Keneyeam 86 8th (tie) +1 22
B&G 85 10th 21
Earl 83 11th (tie) -1 22
Brian Tollini 83 11th (tie) +14 22
Marcel Chris Chauvet 82 13th 22
Ichabod 81 14th 22
Phil Brenneman II 80 15th (tie) -5 20
6 ring circus 80 15th (tie) -1 22
Chris92021 80 15th (tie) -1 22
IC in Cincy 80 15th (tie) +3 21
Greg Payne 79 19th (tie) -5 22
Andy N 79 19th (tie) -1 22
Andi B 79 19th (tie) -1 21
Steeldog22 78 22nd (tie) -4 22
heath miller 78 22nd (tie) +1 21
hoptown 76 24th *+4 21
SJT63 75 25th (tie) -7 21
Pittfan 75 25th (tie) 21
BurghBoy412 75 25th (tie) 22

*new to leaderboard


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