2019 Senior Bowl Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to All-Star weekend. Not only do we have the Senior Bowl on tap for Saturday, but the Pro Bowl on Sunday. I’ll watch both games but am obviously more excited about watching the Senior Bowl.

The ongoing news cycle centering around Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is beyond nauseating now. It seems like there’s some sort of something about him every day. We still have seven more weeks left of that as well so get yourself prepared for it. About the only thing Brown hasn’t done is release a rap song about how he wants to be traded to the San Francisco 49ers.

It will be real interesting to hear what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has to say next week in Atlanta during his annual State of the NFL press conference. You can bet he’ll be asked a few questions about the end of the NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. Additionally, he’ll be asked about the potential of penalty challenges being allowed in the future.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this Friday night and I hope several have time to do just that in the comments below.

Have a great and safe weekend and we look forward to attempting to keep you entertained this weekend. Thank you for visiting the site and peace and love to all yinz.

1 – The 2019 NFL Pro Bowl will take place on Sunday in Orlando, FL. Last year, 47 total points were scored in the game. Will this year’s total point total be greater than last year’s was?

2 – Will a Steelers player score a touchdown in this year’s Pro Bowl?

3 – Will the AFC or NFC win Sunday’s Pro Bowl?

4 – Will the North or South win Saturday’s Senior Bowl?

5 – Please rank the Steelers top five positional draft needs this offseason from most important to least important.

Recap of 2018 Conference Championship Round Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Rams-Saints game kept this question close with 49 points scored; but the 68 points scored in the Chiefs-Patriots match-up put this will over the top. 75.5% of Steelers Depot respondents got a point for saying yes. There will be 100 or more combined total points scored in the two Conference Championship games.

Question 2: We did not do so well in our game winner predictions. Perhaps, it was wishful thinking rather than coldblooded calculations that drove our picks. Regardless, only 24.5% picked the Patriots and 26.5% the Rams to win. Of course, NFL officiating could have impacted both results with the non-call pass interference and the overprotection by officials of NFL icon Tom Brady.

Question 3: Marcel Chris Chauvet was the only person to predict Tom Brady throwing for the most passing yards among the four quarterbacks with 348. Well done. Our favorite, Patrick Mahomes had 295 passing yards & came in 3rd just behind Jared Goff with 297. He had 59.2% of the vote. 18.4% did predict that Mahomes would have the highest passer rating. His 117.0 rating easily exceeded our favorite (61.2% of vote) Drew Brees who was the runner up with an 88.4 rating.

Question 4: Out of 18 NFL teams we named as Antonio Brown’s destination if he was traded, none were in the AFC North. The Nomadic Raiders was the most popular chosen by 27%. San Francisco 49ers was another popular choice with 23% of the vote. Of course, now that AB unfollowed the 49ers perhaps that would impact a revote. ImMikeD even predicted AB going to the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders. Never say never.

Question 5: Ramon Foster will ultimately re-sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason. At least that is what 55.3% of Steelers Depot respondents say will happen. This is down from the 69.5% who said he would be back in the week 9 Friday Night 5 Questions. Our consensus then was that he would sign a 2-3-year deal with a total value of $13.4 million. The median was 3 years for $12 million. Art Rooney II says he was hoping to have the entire offensive line back. We’ll see!

Another week with no 5-point bonus winner. Respondent Heath Miller came very close getting every response on the first 3 questions correct except that he picked Jared Goff to have the most passing yards. Goff was 2nd in that category. Great prognostications by Heath!!! He had the highest point total for the week. Kudos.

Back on wildcard weekend we predicted who would win the Super Bowl. Only 9 folks picked either the Rams or Patriots to win. The folks who get this right will get 3 points. Hope it is the Rams! Way back in Week 1, Steelers Depot headquarters offered a 30-point end-of-season question – What will the Steelers 2018 regular season record be? Of course, the results of the first Cleveland game prevented anyone from winning though at least one person mentioned a tie in his comments but did not include it in their response. That would have been a difference maker.

The responses for tonight’s questions and the Friday before the Super Bowl are the last point scoring opportunities of the season. Finish Strong!

Leaderboard after Conference Championships:

GreenBastard 99 1st  
ImMikeD 91 2nd  
don2727 89 3rd (tie)  
Matt Manzo 89 3rd (tie) +1
ND_Steel 85 5th  
Beaver Falls Hosiery 84 6th  
Keneyeam 81 7th (tie)  
DirtDawg1964 81 7th (tie) +1
Wes Lee 81 7th (tie) +1
Phil Brenneman II 80 10th  
B&G 77 11th (tie)  
Marcel Chris Chauvet 77 11th (tie) +1
Earl 77 11th (tie) +1
6 ring circus 75 14th  
Greg Payne 74 15th (tie)  
Chris92021 74 15th (tie) +1
Andy N 74 15th (tie) +1
IC in Cincy 73 18th (tie) -2
Steeldog22 73 18th (tie) -2
Ichabod 73 18th (tie) +5
SJT63 72 21st (tie) -5
Pittfan 72 21st (tie) -5
Andi B 72 21st (tie) +1
Brian Tollini 71 24th (tie) +1
heath miller 71 24th (tie) *+5

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