James Harrison Shows Off Weirdest Workout Yet

James Harrison‘s offseason workouts, heck, his workouts in general, are pretty insane. High-intensity, a lot of weight, and usually with Harrison donning sweats.

Yesterday on Instagram, he posted this video of him, well, hitting a tire with a sledgehammer (Fixed because I’m dumb). Check it out for yourself.

It’s apparently a real thing, too. It’s called sledgehammer training. Here’s what Ross Enamait wrote way back in 2006.

“The sledgehammer has been a conditioning tool amongst fighters since the inception of combat sports. It is certainly not a new tool in the arsenal of combat athletes. It is however an inexpensive and excellent conditioning device.”

According to Enamait, this helps develop core strength, grip and forearm strength, and improve work capacity. Read his whole article if you want to know the ins and outs.

It’s a work ethic like this from Harrison that’s allowing him to play into his age 39 season. Father Time has never been beaten. But Harrison is putting up one heck of a fight.

And he’s bringing along a sledgehammer.

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