Ramon Foster Fined For Defending Le’Veon Bell

It’s a fine that is well worth, I’m sure, in Ramon Foster’s mind. Foster was slapped with a $9,115 fine for throwing New York Giants’ linebacker Kelvin Sheppard off the pile late in Sunday’s 24-14 win.

Foster was defending Le’Veon Bell, who was getting grabbed and twisted under the facemask and around the neck.

So Foster stepped in.

But he told Jim Rome the next day he has zero regrets over the decision.

“I would’ve felt a lot worse if I did not do anything. For one thing, it’s his player safety and livelihood…at a certain point [the defense] has to pull back. You can’t be trying to pull guys back underneath their chin.”

And I highly doubt his mind will be changed over a relatively small fine. It accounts for roughly 10% of his weekly base salary (before taxes).

This is Foster’s second fine of the 2016 calendar year. He was fined over $17,000, one of many, for his actions in the Wildcard win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFL is following the letter of the law for Foster but from what I can gather, Sheppard’s fine has not and may not occur. And that seems like a definite double-standard. And a big problem for the league. Add that to the others.

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