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Rumored Leak: Steelers To Wear All-Black Uniforms For Color Rush Game Against Colts

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If you believe a supposed leak currently making the rounds on Twitter concerning the Nike “Color Rush” uniforms each team will wear during the 2016 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers will apparently wear all-black in their Thanksgiving night road game against the Indianapolis Colts.

It should be noted that while the league and the Steelers have yet to confirm the all-black uniforms, team president Art Rooney II said several months ago that all-black would be one of the two options depending on what the Colts ultimately decided to choose being as they will be the home team.

“We had our options,” said Rooney. “We had some presentations from Nike in terms of what the options were, and we decided our color-option was going to be black, and the default option is going to be white,” Rooney told Bob Labriola of during an April interview. “When you’re the road team, the home team gets to decide what it’s wearing. If for some reason the Colts would decide to wear white, we would wear black. We just felt black was more of our predominant color (than gold).”

With the start of training camps quickly approaching, one would think official word will be released very soon. This past week the Steelers did officially announce that they will be wearing their 1934 throwback uniforms for the team’s October 9 home contest vs. the New York Jets.

Personally, I was hoping for the all-white uniforms, but the all-black certainly won’t hurt my feelings and especially if the team decides to go with those matte-black helmets with gold facemask that running back Le’Veon Bell was spotted autographing during an offseason signing event.

Stay tuned, we should know soon if this leak is indeed the final word.

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