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Video: Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander 2015 Pass Targets With Stat Breakdown

Mackensie Alexander

With the 2016 NFL Draft now a month away, I have begun thoroughly breaking down a few of the top cornerbacks in this year’s class as it relates to how they performed when targeted in coverage. Last week, I compiled all of the targets that Clemson cornerback Mackensie Alexander faced during the 2014 season. Now, I have all of his 2015 targets compiled for you in the video below in addition to a play-by-play rundown of each.

As you can see, I have Alexander being targeted a total of 54 times in 2015. He gave up 16 receptions for 252 total yards and no touchdowns. I should point out, however, that Alexander was penalized twice during those 54 targets. Additionally, all but three of the receptions he allowed resulted in a first down. Both interceptions that you see listed below were registered by teammates of Alexander with him in the near vicinity.

After watching all of 2014 and 2015, I have come to the conclusion that while Alexander is a talented cornerback, I do not think the Pittsburgh Steelers should draft him in the first round. As you will see in both his 2014 and 2015 videos, not only did Alexander not record a single interception in his two years at Clemson, he also broke up very few passes as well. In total, he had 11 breakups in two seasons and was targeted well over 100 times.

While Alexander certainly didn’t give up a lot of catches at Clemson, there were quite a few of the passes thrown his way were not catchable footballs with him not even being close in coverage. There were also a few drops by receivers. While Alexander can play press, off and zone, he also played a lot of press bail at Clemson. He really struggles when it comes to defensing underneath passes as he loves to open the gate soon. I also found Alexander’s vertical leap on the field while playing the football very unimpressive. He is already handicapped when it comes to his height and he doesn’t make up for it with a great leaping ability.

Overall, I believe that Alexander was really helped by the great front seven that Clemson had while he was there as they continually pressured opposing quarterbacks. I think some teams might look at Alexander as just a slot/nickel corner and while it might not ultimately happen, it would not shock me to see Alexander slide to the second round.

WOF 1Q 2-16 at Wof09 Will Irwin I
WOF 3Q 1-10 at Cu21 Wade Francis I
WOF 3Q 1-10 at Wof28 Will Irwin I
APPST 1Q 3-16 at App37 Malachi Jones C 14
LOU 1Q 1-10 at Lou25 Jaylen Smith C  11  Y
LOU 2Q 2-7 at Lou48 Jaylen Smith I
LOU 4Q 3-14 at Cu41 INT
ND 2Q 2-17 at Nd26 Will Fuller C  14
ND 2Q 1-10 at Nd36 Will Fuller I
ND 2Q 1-10 at Cu49 Will Fuller I
ND 3Q 2-7 at Nd18 Will Fuller I
ND 4Q 1-10 at Cu35 Will Fuller C 23 Y
ND 4Q 3-16 at Cu38 Amir Carlisle C 20 Y
GATECH 1Q 2-12 at Cu22 Jamal Golden I
BC 2Q 3-11 at Cu42 Thadd Smith C 17 Y
BC 3Q 1-10 at Bc25 Thadd Smith I
BC 4Q 3-13 at Bc41 Thadd Smith I
NCST 2Q 3-5 at St23 David Grinnage C 12 Y
NCST 2Q 3-15 at St30 Bra’Lon Cherry I
NCST 2Q 1-10 at St35 Bra’Lon Cherry C 16 Y
NCST 3Q 1-10 at St25 Jaylen Samuels I
NCST 4Q 2-6 at St47 Bra’Lon Cherry I
NCST 4Q 2-8 at Cu37 Johnathan Alston I
NCST 4Q 1-10 at Cu38 Johnathan Alston I
FLAST 1Q 1-10 at Cu41 Travis Rudolph C 21 Y
FLAST 1Q 2-6 at Fs29 Kermit Whitfield I
FLAST 1Q 3-6 at Fs29 Kermit Whitfield I PI
FLAST 2Q 1-10 at Fs22 Travis Rudolph C 7
FLAST 3Q 1-10 at Fs49 Travis Rudolph C 18 Y
SRC 1Q 3-11 at Cu31 Brisly Estime I
SRC 2Q 4-10 at Cu44 Dontae Strickland I PI
SRC 3Q 1-10 at Su03 Brisly Estime I
SC 1Q 1-10 at Sc25 Deebo Samuel I
SC 1Q 1-10 at Cu24 D.J. Neal I
SC 1Q 2-10 at Cu24 INT
SC 2Q 1-G at Cu06 Carlton Heard I
SC 4Q 2-10 at Sc23 Pharoh Cooper I
SC 4Q 2-10 at Sc16 Pharoh Cooper I
NC 1Q 2-8 at Cu40 I
NC 1Q 3-8 at Cu40 Mack Hollins C 16 Y
NC 2Q 1-10 at Nc25 Mack Hollins I
NC 2Q 3-12 at Nc14 Bug Howard I
NC 3Q 3-11 at Cu41 Mack Hollins C 25 Y
NC 3Q 2-10 at Nc25 Bug Howard C 11 Y
NC 3Q 1-10 at Nc36 Bug Howard I
NC 3Q 3-3 at Nc48 Quinshad Davis I
NC 4Q 2-6 at Cu45 Quinshad Davis I
NC 4Q 1-10 at Cu17 Quinshad Davis I
OKL 1Q 3-3 at Cu32 Dede Westbrook C 10 Y
OKL 2Q 1-10 at Ou48 Sterling Shepard I
OKL 2Q 2-G at Cu05 Durron Neal I
OKL 3Q 1-10 at Cu39 Sterling Shepard I
OKL 4Q 2-8 at Cu49 Durron Neal C 17 Y
OKL 4Q 1-10 at Cu32 Sterling Shepard I
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