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Video: Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander 2014 Pass Targets With Stat Breakdown

In an effort to thoroughly breakdown Clemson cornerback Mackensie Alexander, I have now gone through all of his 2014 games and pulled out all of the times he was targeted during the 2014 season and complied them in one video that you can view below. Additionally, I have a breakdown of each play in the table below that includes the quarter, down and distance, line of scrimmage and intended receiver on each and every play.

As you can see, I have Alexander targeted in coverage a total of 54 times. He gave up a total of 19 receptions on those passes for a total of 297 yards and 2 touchdowns. 10 other of the receptions that he allowed during the 2014 season resulted in first downs. Alexander did, however, have one pass interference penalty against him and the interception listed was made by one of his teammates.

I plan on doing this exercise for all of Alexander’s 2015 games as well in the coming days and if you would like to volunteer to help me out with a game, please let me know as this is certainly a time consuming process. I hope you enjoy this breakdown and I learned a lot about Alexander while putting it together.

Breakdown of Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander 2014 Pass Targets

GEO 1Q 2-5 at Cu48 Sony Michel C 4
GEO 3Q 2-14 at Uga36 Chris Conley C 12
FLST 1Q 3-14 at Fs22 Rashad Greene I
FLAST 1Q 1-15 at Cu43 Jesus Wilson I
FLAST 3Q 2-11 at Cu34 Rashad Greene C 12 Y
FLAST 3Q 2-9 at Cu21 Rashad Greene I
FLAST 4Q 2-6 at Fs27 Rashad Greene I
FLAST 4Q 1-10 at Fs24 Rashad Greene C 16 Y
FLAST 4Q 2-24 at Fs26 Rashad Greene C 74 Y TD
NC 2Q 3-2 at Cu43 Mack Hollins C 13 Y
NC 2Q 1-10 at Cu17 Mack Hollins C 17 Y TD
NC 3Q 1-10 at Cu41 Bug Howard I
NC 3Q 1-10 at Nc34 Mack Hollins I
NC 4Q 3-8 at Nc26 Bug Howard C 20 Y
NCST 1Q 3-8 at St27 Marquez Valdes-Scantling I
NCST 2Q 3-6 at Cu07 Bryan Underwood I
LOU 1Q 3-11 at Lou24 James Quick I
LOU 3Q 2-10 at Cu40 Eli Rogers I
LOU 3Q 1-10 at Lou17 James Quick I
BC 1Q 2-1 at Bc34 Sherman Alston C -2
BC 2Q 3-9 at Bc18 Shakim Phillips I
BC 4Q 1-10 at Cu36 I
BC 4Q 3-10 at Cu26 Shakim Phillips I
SRC 1Q 1-10 at Cu28 Steven Ishmael I
SRC 1Q 3-7 at Cu25 Ashton Broyld I
SRC 2Q 3-5 at Su36 Jarrod West I
SRC 3Q 3-7 at Su17 Jarrod West I
WF 2Q 1-10 at Wf 27 John Wolford I PI
WF 3Q 1-10 at Wf 37 Jared Crump I
GATECH 1Q 2-10 at Gt36 DeAndre Smelter I
GATECH 1Q 3-10 at Gt36 DeAndre Smelter C 19 Y
GATECH 2Q 3-9 at Cu49 Darren Waller C 15 Y
GATECH 2Q 2-7 at Cu31 DeAndre Smelter I
GATECH 2Q 3-7 at Cu31 DeAndre Smelter I
GATECH 4Q 2-6 at Gt35 DeAndre Smelter C 18
GAST 1Q 1-10 at Gsu21 Robert Davis I
GAST 1Q 2-7 at Gsu09 I
GAST 1Q 2-12 at Cu27 INT
GAST 2Q 2-12 at Gsu17 Robert Davis I
GAST 2Q 2-12 at Gsu22 Donovan Harden I
GAST 2Q 3-12 at Gsu22 Donovan Harden C 21 Y
SC 1Q 1-10 at Cu38 Damiere Byrd I
SC 1Q 2-8 at Sc32 Shaq Roland C 12 Y
SC 1Q 1-10 at Cu27 Shaq Roland C 7
SC 2Q 1-10 at Cu41 Damiere Byrd I
SC 3Q 2-10 at Sc37 K.J. Brent C 20 Y
SC 3Q 2-12 at Cu45 Shaq Roland C 7
SC 3Q 1-10 at Sc25 Pharoh Cooper C -1
OKL 1Q 2-11 at Ou24 Sterling Shepard C 13 Y
OKL 3Q 1-10 at Ou14 Sterling Shepard I
OKL 3Q 1-10 at Ou28 Michiah Quick I
OKL 3Q 2-10 at Ou28 K.J. Young I
OKL 4Q 1-10 at Ou19 K.J. Young I
OKL 4Q 3-10 at Ou45 Michiah Quick I
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