Video: Todd Haley, James Harrison Look Back At Super Bowl XLIII Interception

With the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Arizona Cardinals this weekend at Heinz Field, the crew at the team’s official website were able to get linebacker James Harrison and offensive coordinator Todd Haley to sit down together to talk about Super Bowl XLIII and more importantly, the 100 yard interception return for a touchdown by Harrison as the first half expired.

While we all have seen the play at least 100 times since it happened, it’s always fun to hear the coaches and players that were involved in it talk about it. Haley takes a few shots at Harrison because of his lack of speed in this sit-down, but does admit that he’s the punching bag in this segment. Haley says that while he’s glad now that the Steelers got their sixth Lombardi trophy for winning that game, he sure wishes he would’ve gotten himself a Super Bowl ring that year.

You all should definitely enjoy this.

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