Video: Offensive Lineman Setting The Kickstand

In case you haven’t seen it this morning, former NFL offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley, who now owns and operates an academy for offensive linemen, posted a great video tutorial on his Instagram account along with a superb description.

In the video, Bentley shows the proper technique that should be used during pass protection as it relates to “setting the kickstand” against a power rush.

The video is even slowed down and that enables you to see the high school center used in the example anchor against a 379-pound defensive lineman.

In case you missed it earlier in the offseason, Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Kelvin Beachum trained recently with Bentley.

Two key visuals here that's applicable to every OL position but in particularly important the closer you move in towards the ball (c's & g's). Stepping laterally during a pass set is an OL mortal sin. Pay close attention to the C's left foot. You see how it's driving backwards? This creates the space we need to operate and allows for the hips to stay more square to LOS with power. His "kickstand" was set. A critical piece to "setting the kickstand" is you can't do it while on your toes (heel off the ground) you have to land mid-foot. The second visual is the "marrying of hips & elbows". Notice how once the elbows are refitted, torqued and dropped… The hips sink as well! THIS is how you stop a power rush. You don't meet power with power during a pass set, you meet power with leverage. This is as close to perfect of a pass set for a c you'll see. There are NFL starters that struggle with these two basic concepts. For the NFL players that'll read this and dismiss it because these are HS athletes, well, mechanics are mechanics, period. Lastly, that's a 379lb DT…. 3.7.9. #OLPBuiltToDominate

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