Kozora: Ramon Foster & Breakdown Of Louis Murphy’s Reception Video

By Alex Kozora

Another episode but this time hopefully a better one. I’m no longer using my phone and this video is in HD with an actual microphone.

We start by discussing the underrated absence of guard Ramon Foster and what he means to the Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

And for the first time, we go to the whiteboard to again break down what happened on the 41 yard catch by Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy late Sunday in the 4th quarter.

This video is longer than the others but hopefully it’s worth the extra time.

Some minor technical problems came up as I appeared in the video. One of them appeared to be me dropping frames, causing the audio to get out of sync with video. Didn’t have much time to edit yesterday so I made quick adjustments. You’ll see the video flash black a few times. That’s just me having to move around the audio to get it closer to being in sync. Had I had more time, I would’ve fixed all that.

Anyway, enjoy the video. As always, thanks for watching and your feedback – good and bad – is much appreciated.

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