Former Steelers LB Joey Porter To Be Inducted Into The Colorado State Hall Of Fame

According to Bakersfield Californian, former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter will be inducted into the Colorado State Hall of Fame on Nov. 1.

Porter, who went to school at Colorado State, was original drafted by the Steelers in the third round of the 1999 NFL Draft. During his 13 seasons in the NFL, he made it to the Pro Bowl three teams and was also part of the Steelers 2005 team that won Super Bowl XL in Detroit.

Porter was released by the Steelers in 2007 after playing eight years in Pittsburgh. During that span, he recorded 60 quarterback sacks to go along with 10 interceptions and 17 forced fumbles.

Porter would go on to play for both the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals over the course of the next five years. Just last year at about this time, Porter announced that he was retired and wanted to let everyone know that he was retiring as a member of the Steelers. Last year, during the annual Friday Night Lights practice at Latrobe High School, the Steelers celebrated not only Porter\’s retirement with a ceremony, but the retirement of former Steelers Aaron Smith, Marvel Smith and Willie Parker as well.

Porter was very outspoken over the course of his career and a very charismatic leader on the Steelers defense.

In September of 2003, Porter was shot in the buttocks while was standing outside a Denver bar following the Colorado-Colorado State football game and the incident forced him to miss the first two games of the 2003 season as a result.

Porter unforgettably referenced the shooting in a post game celebration following the Steelers big playoff win in 2006 against the Indianapolis Colts as it meant the team would be heading to Denver to play the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game.

“They shot me in Denver! You don\’t want none,” yelled Porter.

Congratulations, Peezy, from all of Steeler Nation.

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