Video Of Duane Brown Helmet-to-Helmet Hit On James Harrison

It was announced earlier this afternoon that Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison will be lost for several weeks to a fractured right orbital bone that he suffered against the Houston Texans this past Sunday. I posted a link to the actual play on Twitter a while ago and you can see in the Youtube video below that Harrison broke the bone while getting nailed with a helmet to helmet hit by Texans tackle Duane Brown.

Harrison reported on Twitter after the game that his forehead pad in his helmet came down after the hit and hit him in the eye and fractured the right orbital eye socket. With all of the attention that Harrison has received for his hits over the past few years, it will certainly be interesting to see if Brown will be fined. I am betting he will not be and I bet Harrison will be alright with that decision should that be the case. Both players are caught in the heat of the play and both clearly see that each other are approaching.

These type of hits are what make the game I have grown up watching great and while it is unfortunate that Harrison was injured bad, I do not view it as a malicious attempt by Brown to injure Harrisonon purpose. We shall see if the league feels the same way any day now.

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