James Harrison Hit On Mohamed Massaquoi Frame By Frame Super Slow Motion Video

I too am getting tired of all of this James Harrison dirty player stuff, but had a request to break down Mohamed Massaquoi hit frame by frame in super slow motion. I have done so in the video below and as you can see, Massaquoi drops his head before the hit and Harrison leads in with the shoulder as you can clearly see and follows through with the block. When you have a big physical player like Harrison hitting a tall skinny 200 lb receiver, something has to give. What gave is Massaquoi. There was no other way for Harrison to tackle Massaquoi without getting a helmet in his own chest. The hit looks a lot more flagrant and egregious at full speed, but when you slow it down frame by frame, it is not so bad. Of course I bet the league didn\’t break it down this way. On to Miami now.

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