Video Of Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer Lowlights Versus Denver

I just made it through the 8th time of watching the Steelers game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. This time I wanted to focus in on rookie running back Jonathan Dwyer on plays that he did not carry the ball on. I will state that on one of the carries, it appeared he went the wrong way causing quarterback Byron Leftwich to completely spin making the hand-off. It could of been designed, but I do not think so. If you have the game recorded, watch it. These 7 plays in this video clearly show that Dwyer is no where close to knowing the details, the plays and how to chip and block in the NFL. I did not cherry pick these. These plays are in order as they happened. No doubt Dwyer showed us he can run, but we knew that already. These minor details are what likely kept Isaac Redman off the 53 man roster most of the 2009 season as well. He is much improved. I recently hastily added Dwyer to my latest 53 man roster prediction the day after the game. Boy, was that foolish. I stand by my earlier post that he will likely be headed to the practice squad. These errors you just do not fix in a week or two as he looks lost on plays that he does not carry the ball and sometimes lost when he does carry it. No fear, rookies will be rookies.

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