2010 Steelers Preseason Week 3 53 Man Roster Prediction

Ok, we are now three games through the preseason games and the Steelers are licking their wounds after losing to the Broncos Sunday night. I have just finished watching the replay for a 3rd time and am ready to release my latest 53 man roster prediction. Below are the changes and the reasoning for the add and drops. The only real change I made this week from last week, is to add Jonathan Dwyer back to the 53 man roster and have cut fullback Frank Summers. It is not so much that Dwyer had a better showing last night, which he did, as much as Summers is not playing well and they just do not need him. Let us not forget, JD made a few errors as well last night. Dwyer would be inactive as long as everyone is healthy and you do not have to risk sliding him through waivers to get him to the practice squad. Really I still think that is over blown as Dwyer would still be way down the food chain of running backs that will be cut on cut down day across the league. It is not an endorsement for him as much as there just happens to be a roster spot open with Summers not being needed. Addition by subtraction if you will. Everyone will ask about Crezdon Butler and yes, he is close to cracking the 53, but who do you leave off? Also, does one play make him roster worthy? Overall he has gotten better week to week, but has also looked like a practice squad guy in other games. Another plus on Butler is defensive backs coach Ray Horton has been working him at cornerback, safety, nickelback and dimeback in practices. I still have one more of these to do, so he could very well make my final cut if he follows up with another good game versus the Panthers. He could very well make Joe Burnett expendable if he does make it.

You will once again notice a 54 man roster below as Big Ben will start on the reserve suspended list and will not count as a roster spot. Do not get caught up in the order below as it is not a depth chart, just how I pieced them together.

2010 Steelers 53 Man Roster Prediction

Legursky, Doug C/G
Pouncey, Maurkice G/C
Essex, Trai G
Kemoeatu, Chris G
Scott, Jonathan G
Hills, Tony T
Adams, Flozell T
Foster, Ramon T
Starks, Max T
Burnett, Joe CB
Gay, William CB
Lewis, Keenan CB
McFadden, Bryant CB
Taylor, Ike CB
Madison, Anthony DB
Allen, Will S
Polamalu, Troy SS
Clark, Ryan FS
Mundy, Ryan FS
Hampton, Casey NT
Hoke, Chris NT
Eason, Nick DE
Harris, Ra\’Shon DE
Hood, Ziggy DE
Keisel, Brett DE
Smith, Aaron DE
Foote, Larry ILB
Timmons, Lawrence ILB
Farrior, James ILB
Fox, Keyaron ILB
Sylvester, Stevenson ILB
Gibson, Thaddeus OLB
Harrison, James OLB
Woodley, LaMarr OLB
Worilds, Jason OLB
Dixon, Dennis QB
Leftwich, Byron QB
Roethlisberger, Ben QB
Mendenhall, Rashard RB
Moore, Mewelde RB
Redman, Isaac RB
Dwyer, Jonathan RB
Johnson, David TE
Miller, Heath TE
Spaeth, Matt TE
Battle, Arnaz WR
Brown, Antonio WR
Randle El, Antwaan WR
Sanders, Emmanuel WR
Wallace, Mike WR
Ward, Hines WR
Warren, Greg LS
Sepulveda, Dan P
Reed, Jeff K
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