Draft Analyst Matt Miller Believes CB Cory Trice Jr. Was Steal Of The Seventh Round

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2023 draft was very top heavy, with the team having three picks in the top 50 and only three picks on Day Three. Despite this the team was still able to find value late in the draft. In the seventh round the Steelers drafted Purdue cornerback Cory Trice Jr. Some had Trice as a Day-Two selection, but due to medical concerns he fell to Pittsburgh at the end of the draft.

One person who was really impressed with the Steelers snagging Trice in the seventh round was ESPN’s Matt Miller. In an article today for ESPN+ he had Pittsburgh’s selection of Trice as his best value pick of the seventh round.

“Purdue’s Trice, who fell because of medical concerns, was a top-100 player on my final rankings,” wrote Miller. “His length and physicality at the line of scrimmage are perfect for Pittsburgh, where there are two open starting cornerback jobs.”

Going into the draft everyone knew the Steelers needed a cornerback. But most thought they would only be able to get one potentially quality outside cornerback in the draft not two. With them being able to snag Trice in the seventh round there is a possibility they may have drafted their two future outside corners for years to come in Joey Porter Jr. and Trice.

Of course, there is a reason Trice fell. Despite having a great senior season with 10 pass breakups and two interceptions, Trice was often injured in his career, dating back to a broken ankle in high school. Trice only played more than six games in his collegiate career twice, in 2019 and 2022. There is legitimate concern about whether he can hold up and play consistently in the NFL.

However, that is the risk you take in the seventh round with a player with the talent of Trice. Trice is a cornerback who excels in press coverage, something it seems the Steelers want to place an emphasis on with the drafting of him and Porter. If Trice stays healthy, there is a very good chance he ends up becoming a good cornerback in this league.

Even Steelers Depot’s own Alex Kozora graded Trice highly, giving him a third-round grade. Injuries can ruin a career but if Trice can put his injury history behind him he truly can become a starter for Pittsburgh and maybe help the team break their curse of poorly drafted defensive backs.

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