Two Weeks Until The Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

We’re less than two weeks away from the 2023 NFL Draft, one that is sure to surprise. The Pittsburgh Steelers have wrapped up their pre-draft visits and we ended up knowing nearly all of the team’s allotted 30. Now, we have all the information and will try to put together the most accurate mock drafts possible. The Steelers haven’t stopped adding to their roster in the lead-up to the draft either, signing DT Armon Watts to a one-year deal Wednesday. Also, as a special treat, we had Steelers’ legendary coach Dick LeBeau on Friday’s podcast for a half hour interview to relive some great football memories. Be sure to give that a listen.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoy following our continued coverage. I thank you for visiting the site and we appreciate all of your great feedback. As always, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – How many XFL players will the Steelers sign to their 90-man roster before training camp begins?

2 – Choose two of these four defensive linemen to make the 53-man roster ahead of Week One: Isaiahh Loudermilk, Montravius Adams, Armon Watts, and Breiden Fehoko. 

3 – Do the signings of Watts and Fehoko lessen the odds of the Steelers drafting a defensive lineman in Rounds 1-3?

4 – What is your letter grade for the job GM Omar Khan has done so far?

5 – If we’re ever fortunate enough to talk with him again, what’s one question you’d love us to ask Coach Dick LeBeau?

BONUS: Name one draft prospect we haven’t profiled yet you’d love to see us file a report on? (If you don’t have an answer, don’t worry about offering a suggestion. This is just for the draft nerds). 

Recap of Eighth 2023 Offseason Weekend Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: As a group, we identified cornerback as the Steelers’ current biggest need. Edge and inside linebacker were distant seconds. Offensive line with a lean toward tackle was third. So far in free agency the Steelers signed three offensive linemen (two guards, one tackle), two inside linebackers, two defensive linemen, a cornerback, and a safety.

Question 2: Steelers Depot respondents believe the Steelers will NOT trade Kevin Dotson during the draft by a nearly three to one margin (20 to 7). Folks generally believe Dotson will be in camp as depth but won’t necessarily make the 53-man roster.

Question 3: The question on our all-time favorite Steelers draft selection triggered a wide range of responses. Seventeen different Steelers selections were named throughout the history of the franchise. Some respondents named selections they had predicted in their own mock drafts. Though none of us were alive for the Steelers’ very first draft, William Shakespeare got a mention. Didn’t realize the Steelers franchise was that old. Only four Steelers got more than one mention. Joe Greene got two. Though at the time, newspapers asked “Joe Who?” Ben Roethlisberger and David DeCastro got three votes apiece. But T.J. Watt was the overall all-time favorite with five votes.

Question 4: If the Steelers draft an offensive tackle, 17 believe it will be a player who predominately played on the left; eight said it would be on the right. Two folks said the Steelers would not draft a tackle. We’ll see in a couple weeks.

Question 5: Steelers Depot respondents believe Mike Tomlin ranks somewhere in the top third among NFL coaches this season. No one ranked him lower than 12. But within that range, responses varied from number one all the way to 12. The median response was 5.5; so just about fifth or sixth. Several people said they would rank him higher if he had greater success in the playoffs.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Position Group of Need Dotson Trade? All-Time Favorite Selection Left or Right Tackle Selected? Tomlin Rank as NFL Head Coach
SD Consensus YES YES 17 BIG YES


As promised, here are the folks with the most points during the offseason. Just an informal ranking since many questions subjective. Slight change this week due to NFL not changing the “push rule” (offseason week 2).

NAME total
FlaFan47 12
Wes Lee 9
Chris92021 8
Steven Small 8
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 8
Ratsotex 8
Steelers D 7
Beaver Falls Hosiery 7
ginko18 7
Ted Webb 6
Lucky Beagle 6
Douglas Prostorog 6


There are now 12 questions from previous weeks yet to be answered. Scores will be adjusted as they are determined.

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