2023 NFL Draft

Steelers Depot Draft Discussion X: How Low Will The Steelers Go?

This is the last in our 10-part series, with the 2023 NFL Draft kicking off tomorrow night. Depot staff members offer their spin on a Steelers-related draft question.

Where will the Steelers be picking in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?

Dave Bryan: Obviously it is still way early — the draft hasn’t even started — but I don’t believe the Steelers will be as bad in 2023 as the early odds indicate, barring several injuries. I already have them over 8.5 wins in 2023 as we sit here right now as their scheduled opponents seem favorable. I think they can get into the playoffs as a Wild Card team. From there, we’ll see. I think winning one playoff game is still up in the air, however. To be on the safe side this far out, I will say that the Steelers will be selecting 21st overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. That feels about right at this point. Ask me again right before Week 1 of the 2023 regular season.

Josh Carney: Wow, that’s a tough one. There’s certainly some serious optimism surrounding the team entering the 2023 season even before the NFL Draft due to the work the Steelers did in free agency. Holes have been plugged — at least on paper — and young players are expected to take the next step forward. It’s clear the style of football the Steelers want to play moving forward. If they can pick up where they left off on both sides of the ball last season, look out. That said, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to win a playoff game in the AFC moving forward, so even with a postseason berth they’ll be out quickly. Let’s say they are picking at No. 22 overall this time next year.

Joe Clark: I’m always a little bit overconfident before the start of a new season. I like what Pittsburgh has done this offseason, improving the offensive line and adding key depth at positions of need. If you assume T.J. Watt can stay healthy for a full season and Kenny Pickett takes a nice jump heading into Year 2, who’s to say this team can’t make it to at least the divisional round? The AFC is brutal, but I like what Pittsburgh’s done and I think they can make a little bit of noise next season. I’ll go No. 25.

Alex Kozora: Oh man, if I knew that, I’d be go playing the Lotto numbers tonight. Make me answer and I’ll say somewhere in the early 20s. Call it #23 to be precise. This time can get into the playoffs with a more experienced and stronger offense that won’t suffer through the growing pains they did a year ago. A healthy T.J. Watt, a steady pass rush, these team should be able to get into the postseason next year if they could go 9-8 dealing with *gestures at everything* they went through last season. Still, winning a playoff game will be a challenge against the top AFC QBs so I could see them being one-and-done. Again.

Matthew Marczi: Picking a specific slot is harder than picking a region, but the Steelers should be selecting where the losers of the Wildcard Round choose. They should be a playoff team this year, but they will likely be a wildcard team themselves behind the Cincinnati Bengals, and could be facing a two or three seed as a result. It’s hard to see them advancing to the Divisional Round, if I’m being realistic about my current expectations. To pick a random number, let’s say 20.

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