Cam Heyward: ‘I Can’t Think In A Selfish Nature,’ Regarding Damar Hamlin

The sports world got turned upside down Monday night when Bills S Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field following making a tackle on Bengals WR Tee Higgins. It would be reported later that Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after taking a hit to the chest Monday night. His heartbeat was restored on the field and was later rushed to the ICU at a University of Cincinnati Medical center only a few miles away from Paycor Stadium. Hamlin has been there since Monday night with his condition steadily improving but remains in critical condition.

Numerous coaches and athletes alike have taken to social media to express their thoughts and prayers for Hamlin and his family has Hamlin battles to get back to a stable condition. HC Mike Tomlin addressed Hamlin’s injury in his weekly press conference just yesterday, calling it “a personal thing” to him given his relationship with Hamlin as the two have known each other since Hamlin was a teenager.

On Wednesday, DL Cam Heyward spoke to the media and gave his thoughts on Damar Hamlin, stating that his thoughts and prayers will be with him as everyone hopes he can make it out of the ICU to be with his family and teammates once again.

“All we can do is just keeping thinking about that guy and keep him in our prayers and hoping he makes a full recovery,” Heyward said to the media in the locker room on video for 93/7 The Fan’s Josh Rowntree’s Twitter page. “I can’t think in a selfish nature…  just thinking about myself, but just think about him.”

Heyward made a good point in the video that this traumatic event can happen to anyone. It just so happened to Hamlin on Monday night in what figured to be a must-watch game between two of the heavyweights in the AFC. Thankfully, the facility was equipped with the medical team and equipment to immediately attend to Hamlin on the field after the event took place and were able to properly transport him to a nearby facility to receive immediate care.

Like is such a fickle thing when you really think about it. Just a few years ago, we saw Steelers LB Ryan Shazier go down on the same field after suffering a traumatic spine injury that left him temporarily paralyzed. Me managed to regain his motor skills, but his injury would effectively end his young, promising NFL career.

It’s moments like these where we see the better side of humanity come out amid tragedy. We see videos of hundreds outside Highmark Field in Buffalo praying for Hamlin as well Hamlin’s charity top over $6 million in donations since Monday night. A link to Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Community Toy Drive will be provided here.

There are many aspects where life calls us to be selfish when it comes to our personal time and finances. However, we are also called to show love and support to those around us, creating a community that has each other’s backs. Heyward recognizes that he cannot be selfish in a moment where Hamlin is fighting for his life, and neither can we. Our hearts and prayers go out to Hamlin during this time, but may this be a reminder to hold close those you love and cherish, as life can be taken in an instant. May this be a call for all of us to look outside ourselves and selflessly look to enrich the lives of others like many are doing for Damar Hamlin.

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