Week 14 Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

Finally, it’s Steelers/Ravens week. Only took until Week 14 with the NFL schedule-makers purposely making us wait for marquee matchups like this one for the last two years. Good things come to those who wait. The Ravens probably aren’t feeling as good though, unlikely to have QB Lamar Jackson in this game. Pittsburgh will try to turn their two-game winning streak into three and if they do, they’ll be back into the thick of the Wild Card race. These two teams will meet again to ring in the New Year for a January 1st matchup that could have plenty of playoff implications.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoyed following our continued coverage. I thank you for visiting the site and we appreciate all of your great feedback. As always, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – As always we ask, will the Steelers beat the Ravens? 

2 – Ravens’ QB Tyler Huntley didn’t throw an INT in his start last year against Pittsburgh. Will he throw an INT this time around?

3 – T.J. Watt hasn’t gone sackless in three straight games since 2018. Will he record at least a half-sack in Sunday’s game?

4 – George Pickens had just one catch last week. Over/under 5.5 catches for him in this game?

5 – Will WRs Gunner Olszewski and Steven Sims have more combined rushing or receiving yards against the Ravens?

Tiebreaker: How many rushing yards will Benny Snell have in Week 14?

Recap of 2022 Week 13 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Pittsburgh wins on the road again! Steelers beat Falcons 19-16. An outstanding 91.7% (44 of 48) of Steelers Depot respondents rewarded for their confidence in the team. The big question for this Sunday is the status of T.J. Watt with Lamar Jackson unlikely to be playing.

Question 2: Only 39.6% of respondents predicted the Steelers allowing the Falcons to gain more than 125 rushing yards. By some of the comments, some respondents thought this question referred to Steelers rushing yardage. Remember to read the questions carefully.

Question 3: Diontae Johnson had another opportunity to catch a pass in the endzone. But a superlative defensive play broke up the pass. Some say he is paid to make that catch. But he was well covered. In any case, we evenly split on the question of Diontae catching a touchdown pass against Atlanta. Maybe he can make up for it with two against Baltimore.

Question 4: The Steelers did not turnover the ball against Atlanta. That makes it four straight games without a turnover. That feat was never accomplished before in 89 seasons of play by Pittsburgh. Only 27.1% (13) folks got this right.

Question 5: Marcus Mariota proved elusive in the pocket. Steelers defenders recorded just three quarterback hits. Cam Heyward recorded the game’s only sack. The  consensus of respondents had the Steelers sacking Mariota three times. Just two folks, Don2727 and PittShawnC pegged this answer.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Steelers Win? ATL O/U 125 Rush Yards Diontae TD Pass? Steelers Giveaway Ball? Marcus Mariota Sacks
Correct Answers YES OVER NO NO 1

Steelers Depot respondents collectively answered just ONE out of five questions correctly. But it was the best one to get right.

16 respondents answered three of five questions correctly. With so few people getting the turnover and sack questions wrong that’s pretty strong. But Don2727 is the only person to answer four of five correctly. He just missed the five-point weekly bonus due to the excellent defensive play that prevented Diontae Johnson catching the touchdown pass.

Excellent job Don2727! Please send me a DM (subBurgher on twitter or quarternelson on Instagram or email [email protected]) with your PayPal address to receive your share of the winnings. Alternatively, you can kick your share back towards the next pot or donate it to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Entirely up to you, just let me know.

The tiebreaker is not a factor again this week. The median response had Pat Freiermuth with 59 receiving yards. He nearly gained that with his 57-yard reception. No points, but three folks came within one yard of Freiermuth’s 76 yard receiving yards. Ted Webb, ValyrianSteelerJedi01, and John Mikita all predicted Pat Freiermuth gaining 75 yards.

B&G remains alone in first place. Pius Street Uke has drawn even with Ken Sterner in second place. Hoptown and PittShawnC trail four points behind in a tie for fourth.

ManRayX and this week’s winner Don2727 return to the leaderboard. Agustin-Arg missed his first week answering this season and paid the price. He dropped off the leaderboard

Keep answering folks! Still a shot at rising to the top for the money. Enjoy everyone!


2022 Regular Season leaderboard after week 13:

B&G 62 First
Ken Sterner 57 Second (tie)
Pius Street Uke 57 Second (tie) +1
hoptown 53 Fourth (tie)
PittShawnC 53 Fourth (tie) +1
Slim Stew 52 Sixth (tie) +1
DLFoot 52 Sixth (tie) +1
FlaFan47 51 Eighth -3
Steven Small 50 Ninth (tie) -2
Ratsotex 50 Ninth (tie) +1
MAK Lives Free 50 Ninth (tie) +2
Mike Bianchi 49 12th (tie) -1
Jesse Logue 49 12th (tie) -1
Kdog 49 12th (tie) -1
Lambert58 49 12th (tie) +5
Lucky Beagle 48 16th (tie) -5
Andi B 48 16th (tie) -5
Beaver Falls Hosiery 48 16th (tie) +1
Steel_Man24 48 16th (tie) +3
GhotiFish 48 16th (tie) +3
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 48 16th (tie) +3
Deep_derp 47 22nd (tie)  
Chris92021 46 23rd (tie) +1
Ted Webb 45 24th (tie) -2
Stone Age Tone 45 24th (tie)  
Doc Ellis D 45 24th (tie)  
Ichabod 45 24th (tie)  
Steelers D 45 24th (tie)  
Beeze 44 29th (tie) +1
*ManRayX 44 29th (tie) +2
*Don2727 44 29th (tie) +6

*New to leaderboard

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or you can always send me a twitter DM @subBurgher or Instagram username quarternelson.

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