Not Repeating Mistakes Key For Kenny Pickett, Steelers Say

Every rookie is going to make mistakes. It’s how you learn. It’s how you grow. Often in the NFL, that’s done the hard way. Get knocked down, get back up. Over the next nine games of the season, Matt Canada says his focus in on Pickett avoiding making the same mistake twice.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, Canada gave an overview of Pickett’s performance and how he’ll be evaluated the remainder of the season.

“What we’re looking for is for him to not make the same mistakes again,” Canada said as shared by The Trib’s Chris Adamski. “As he evolves, you look at guys who have played a long time, that’s what occurs.”

With eight interceptions this season, there’s been more mistakes than you’d ideally like. But those raw numbers don’t tell the whole story and if there is such a thing, those eight picks don’t look as bad as the box score might indicate. It certainly doesn’t help Pickett’s in a tough situation with one of the league’s worst rushing attacks and a team that’s consistently played from behind. Pittsburgh’s allowed 35 and 38 points in two of the three games Pickett’s fully played in. Of course, the Steelers’ offense hasn’t done much to keep games competitive and Pickett’s unit is averaging well under ten points per game in those three completed contests.

“He’s going to make mistakes in the NFL. He’s a rookie quarterback…all rookies do that.”

In a word, Pickett’s goal is to show progression. Learning from mistakes and avoiding one in the next situation. His overall pocket presence and reading post-snap rotation could use work and has gotten him into trouble this season so those are two specific areas he could work on the rest of the way. Those are things we covered in a recent tape breakdown of his Week 8 game against the Eagles.

And though it’s simplistic, he’ll have to find a way to cut down on the interceptions while increasing touchdowns. Throwing four times as many picks to touchdowns isn’t going to be a winning formula.

Taking care of the football this weekend should net the Steelers a win. While Pittsburgh has had their issues, no team has had a tougher time with turnovers than the New Orleans Saints. They’re tied for the most turnovers this season with a whopping 17 while their -10 turnover differential is outright last in football.

Veteran Andy Dalton has cut down on some of the issues Jameis Winston was experiencing but the Saints have been a sloppy bunch who will travel to Pittsburgh on a short week. If the Steelers can be +1 in the turnover battle this weekend, they should net their third win this season.

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