Cam Heyward Knows Defense Is Kicking Their ‘Own Ass’

The Pittsburgh Steelers got their ass kicked Sunday.

And they invited the Buffalo Bills to do so.

That’s how Cam Heyward summed up today’s 38-3 loss, one of the worst the Steelers have ever suffered. A non-competitive game from start to finish and biggest point differential since their infamous 51-0 loss to the Cleveland Browns in 1989.

“The confidence is there but you can’t kick your own ass,” he told reporters postgame via the team’s YouTube channel. “And that’s what we’re doing now.”

Buffalo got things started with a third down defense 98-yard TD to WR Gabe Davis, tied for the second longest passing touchdown the Steelers ever allowed. It ruined a great initial opportunity after the Bills fumbled the opening kickoff and managed to only get to its two-yard line. Davis ran behind CB Levi Wallace and S Tre Norwood for the score, Wallace’s diving attempt missing while Norwood was hopelessly trailing, catching Davis’ dust as he ran into the end zone.

Pittsburgh’s defense did nothing right in this game. Josh Allen relentlessly threw the ball on their secondary. The Steelers have a long list on injuries to their DBs, but even star Minkah Fitzpatrick was targeted on Davis’ second touchdown, a 62-yard grab, unable to muscle the ball away from Davis.

By halftime, Allen had easily cleared the 300-yard mark and the Bills had built a 31-3 lead, a new carbon copy of Pittsburgh’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 12 last season. Allen finished the game with 424 yards passing and another 42 running, completely dominating a Steelers’ defense that’s looked as weak as ever. On the day, Buffalo racked up 552 yards of offense, the third-most Pittsburgh’s ever given up in a game. And they’ve been playing football a long time.

Part of that was due to – once again – Pittsburgh’s inability to get off the field on third down. Buffalo went 5/9 Sunday, including Davis’ touchdown on what should’ve been a prime chance for Pittsburgh to force a punt and get great field position. Heyward knows that must improve, too.

“Getting off on a third and long or a fourth and short. Those are opportunities for us as a defense to get off the field or those are opportunities for us to get the ball back to our offense. We haven’t done that.”

At 1-3 coming into today, the Steelers’ path to getting back on track was narrow. Losing to the Bills in historic fashion slammed the door in their face. Though playoffs are the furthest thing from possible right now, Pittsburgh would need to go 2-1 over their next three games just to be 3-5 at the bye week. With the way things stand now, they’ll be lucky to win one game, and could seriously start the year 1-7.

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