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Welcome back to your Pittsburgh Steelers’ mailbag. As always, we’re here for the next hour to answer whatever is on your mind. Just a couple more of these before training camp.

To your questions!

Henning: Hey Alex, hope you have a great day! Why are people so set on Mitch getting the starting job over Kenny? All we talked about after the draft was how this was a competition with probably Mitch having a leg up. And now all the sudden everybody is almost giving it to Mitch, including players giving soundbites to that extend. Why is that? Just because of OTA impressions? I mean Kenny didn’t even have a good grip on the playbook at that point..

Alex: Hey man! Doing well, hope you are too. It’s a fair question. I assume it’s based off OTAs. Trubisky ran as the starter wire-to-wire with Pickett entrenched as the #3. But you’re right that was just spring work and a lot can and probably will change in camp. I think tunes will shift this summer and it’ll be a tighter battle. It’s a prisoner of the moment thing. You see something happen now and assume it can’t/won’t change. So that’s how Trubisky is being perceived.

Sensayshunnn: Using your crystal ball, how do you envision the CB depth chart shaking out?

Alex: I really don’t know. It could go a lot of different ways. One of the top things during camp I’ll be watching out for. I’m not even sure how the base corners will look between Sutton, Witherspoon, and Wallace. Then you get into sub-packages and throw in Maulet, Kazee, Norwood, and it’s hard to say. But there’s depth and talent and options and that’s all more than they had this time a year ago.



2022/2023 record prediction?

Alex: I’m going to save that until right before the season when the picture of the year is far clearer. But I have a good idea where I’m leaning. Don’t think you guys will like it.

Christopher Pokins: Alex, articles and conversations are all over the map with “Should Pittsburgh extend D.Johnson”. I have my thoughts, but was wondering two things: 1. What would you do? 2. What do you think Steelers will do? Thanks

Alex: It depends on more variables than you asked and than we know. The average yearly value, structure of the deal. Should they/shouldn’t they is a big, broad question. But I am in the camp of I would explore every avenue to getting a deal done. No doubt a hot receiver marker is complicating things. What will happen? I’ve generally been optimistic about a deal getting done before Week One. Now, I’m far less sure. If I had to guess today, I would actually say no, I don’t think it does. Team can always tag him next year if need be, an option that seems more realistic without a big number you’re also paying to a QB.

stan: Rarely has a team’s fans been so united against something as obvious as the hatred for the name “Acrisure”. I think just about everyone is determined to call the stadium something else. Which of these alternates do you prefer:
1. Rooney Field
2. Three Rivers.
3. Heinz Field.

By the way, I have to say that this decision made me lose some faith in the Rooney family. “Acrisurely” they knew that this is going to be a difficult name to both say and accept for Steeler nation. Regardless of whether its about the big dollar amount or the connection with Thomas Tull, this is a selfish decision that hurts the fans in general.

Alex: The name sucks but it’s not that serious. It’s just a name. We’ll adjust, get use to it. The Rooney’s aren’t above how business works. Someone offers a lot more money than the other guys, you’re going to take that deal. They got to this point on a lot of principles and being financially wise was one of them. Everyone has a number. Acrisure met it.

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