Mitch Trubisky Preparing To Be Steelers’ Starter

As minicamp ends this week, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has been taking the time to learn the offense and get situated with his new teammates. While the Steelers still haven’t announced who will be the starter Week 1, there is a ton of time between now and Sept. 11 when they face the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I mean, I’m preparing to be the starter.” said Trubisky via Wednesday, “I feel like no matter what position you’re in, that’s what you should prepare for. We’re all pushing each other.”

Trubisky is entering his sixth season overall, and is with his third team in the last three seasons — cut from the Chicago Bears in 2021 and not re-signed from Buffalo this off-season. Trubisky had some time to work on his game last season. Although he was the backup for Josh Allen in Buffalo, high praises were given to Trubisky as he was picked up by the Steelers.

As each day goes by it seems certain that Trubisky is doing absolutely anything he can to start Week 1. Trubisky does have a lot weighing on him if he is trying to be the starter then. All the talk over the past few weeks has been rookie Kenny Pickett being the starting quarterback Week 1, but no one knows for certain. 

Steeler fans have already seen Mason Rudolph in action over the past few seasons, and while the buzz hasn’t been pretty about Rudolph’s previous starts, a lot of talk and anxiety has been around what Pickett and Trubisky will look like on the field. If Trubisky was to be called on as the starter Week 1, it’s very possible we can see him in his old self slinging it down field to one of the receivers. 

Before being let go from the Bears, Trubisky had a stellar starting role, leading the Bears to three winning seasons from 2018-20 along with a few playoff games to show for. 

Trubisky hasn’t started an NFL game since the 2020 season, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing what he needs to do to start. He isn’t in the wrong by any means when he said he’s preparing like a starter, because that is what a veteran quarterback who has been there and done that should act like. 

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