Mitch Trubisky Named One Of The NFL’s Worst Veteran Starting Quarterbacks

Seen by many as the front-runner to the vacated quarterback spot left by Ben Roethlisberger, free-agent signee Mitch Trubisky finally has a chance to change the perception on his career, which is viewed by many as a bust. Drafted at the #2 overall slot in 2017 by Chicago, he was taken before names like Super Bowl winner and MVP Patrick Mahomes or Pro Bowler Deshaun Watson, and despite a lone trip to the Pro Bowl himself in 2018, Trubisky hasn’t been able to substantiate his lofty draft selection.

With a career 29-21 record, including two playoff trips in his stint with the Bears, he also boasts a 64 percent career completion rate due to flaws in his capability to read defenses accurately. Perhaps his best attribute is his ability to escape the pocket and make plays with his feet, as his 421 yards in 2018 would’ve easily been the most by a Steelers’ QB since the days of Kordell “Slash” Stewart.

However, it seems like Bleacher Report is amongst the many doubting Trubisky’s potential, as written by their own Ian Wharton. He composed a list of the seven-worst veteran starting QBs as we approach 2022, and Trubisky indeed made the cut, coming in as the fourth-worst, behind the likes of guys like Daniel Jones of the Giants, Jared Goff of the Lions and Ryan Tannehill of the Titans.

On Trubisky, Wharton wrote:

“It’s easy for defenses to get Trubisky to do what they want. Dropping seven defenders into zone all but guarantees he will take a check down because he doesn’t trust his eyes and arm to thread passes through tight coverage.”

However, what he doesn’t factor in is the supporting cast that will surround Trubisky in Pittsburgh, as it’s vastly improved over the one he had in Chicago. With an improved offensive line in front of him, the pieces seem to be in place for him to have some measures of success. Also, keep in mind how much more he’ll be able to help the team from a mobility standpoint if a play breaks down, something in which Roethlisberger couldn’t do at all in recent seasons. Earlier this offseason, team owner Art Rooney II went on the record, stating the team desired more mobility at the QB spot, and Trubisky fits the bill, boasting a 4.67 40 time. Also, last season the Bills signed him on a one-year deal to be the backup to MVP candidate Josh Allen, so perhaps that, coupled with working with renowned QB-guru Brian Daboll, his offensive coordinator at the time who’s now the Giants’ head coach, could pay off.

“There’s room for Trubisky to be a decent starter with his physical skill set. He projects as a much better fit for Matt Canada’s unique motion-based offense thanks to his legs and strong arm on short throws.”

Trubisky will turn 28 later this summer, and with the team investing their first-round pick in Heisman contender Kenny Pickett, Trubisky will undoubtedly be on a short leash, especially if the turnovers that seemed to plague his career in Chicago resurface in Pittsburgh.

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