Cameron Heyward Talks Fatherhood, Taking Son To Training Camp

On Fathers Day, Teresa Varley of came out with an article talking to a few Steelers on the team who are currently father and how they view fatherhood. Steelers DL Cam Heyward, who is a father of three, talked about how it’s cooler that as his kids grow up, they understand his job more. He talked about Callen, whose six years old, and taking him to training camp at Latrobe College in Saint Vincent, Pa. 

“The last time I got to take him to camp, he was like three years old, so he didn’t really appreciate it. I am looking forward to giving him more of a behind the scenes look this year, Heyward said.” He also compared it to the experiences he had with his dad, former NFL fullback Craig Heyward. “That is what I always loved. My dad would put me on his shoulders after games, take me in the locker room. I want to be able to do that with my son and show him what I do close up.”

The elder Heyward spent 11 years in the NFL, playing for five different teams after his college career at Pitt. Obviously, the lessons he imparted on his son are playing a role in how Cam is raising his kids. Growing up around the game also likely helped Heyward understand some of the ins and outs of the NFL, and is one of the reasons why he has been able to be so successful in his career. Cam Heyward’s entering his 12th year in the league, all of which have came with Pittsburgh, and he’s played his best football in the last few years, being named an All-Pro each of the last three seasons and four out of the last five. If Heyward stays healthy, his kids will likely have a lot of time to watch their dad dominate on the field, and he can hopefully share the experiences he hopes to have with Callen with his younger kids in the years to come. In addition to Callen, he has two daughters, Chloe, who is four, and two-year-old Caia. 

Regardless of his on-the-field success, Heyward won’t be measured by that in the eyes of his kids. His role as a father is ultimately what his kids will remember, and the football will just be an aside. By all accounts though, Heyward is as great of a father as he is a football player, and that’s what will matter the most to his family in the long run. 

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