Mitch Trubisky Contract Incentives Now Known

It’s been a few weeks now since the Pittsburgh Steelers signed quarterback Mitch Trubisky to a two-year contract, and while the base numbers of that deal have been known now for a little while, the incentive values and language was finally made public on Tuesday by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated.

According to Breer, Trubisky can earn up to $4 million in each year in play-time incentives. He states that these play-time incentives will be pretty achievable for Trubisky if he starts and stays healthy all the way through each season. He added that the play-time triggers start at 60 percent and then go up from there.

In addition to Trubisky having play-time incentives that are deemed NLTBE (not likely to be earned), the Steelers new quarterback also has the opportunity to earn $250,000 in each year if he makes the Pro Bowl. One would think that Trubisky would need to make the Pro Bowl on the original ballot and not as an alternate, as was the case with him in 2019. That year, Trubisky replaced then-Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who is unable to participate because he was preparing to play in the Super Bowl, on the NFC roster.

As previously reported, the base value of Trubisky’s two-year contract totals out at $14.285 million. His base salaries by year are $1.035 million and $8 million, respectively. As part of his deal, Trubisky received a $5.25 million signing bonus, and his cap charges for the two years are $3,660,000 and $10,625,000, respectively.

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