The Winner Of The Super Bowl LVI Prop Contest Is …

We have finally gotten around to scoring the submissions I received for the Super Bowl LVI Prop Contest and there was one outright winner this year. That person correctly guessed 14 of the 20 questions. That person was none other than James Crain (Jcrain96).

Below are the prop questions that were asked this year in addition to the answers that James provided as well as the correct answers.

There were two other people who correctly guessed 13 of the 20 prop questions that were asked this year. There were also three people with the fewest amount of correct answers of five.

There will now be a 24 hour period in order for anyone to contest the results and after that, James will receive his winnings via Paypal.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s contest and you can count on us holding another one next year.

Thank you to the great David Orochena for taking the time to score the submissions this year as well.

Question Given Answer Correct Answer
1 – How long will it take Mickey Guyton to sing the national anthem? Over/Under 98.5 seconds Over Over
2 – What will the result of the coin toss be? Heads/Tails Heads Heads
3 – Who will win the coin toss? Rams/Bengals Rams Bengals
4 – What will the first offensive play of the game be? Run/Pass Pass Run
5 – Which team will commit the first penalty of the game? Rams/Bengals Bengals Rams
6 – Will there be a score in the first four minutes and 30 seconds of the game? Yes/No No No
7 – What will the first scoring play of the game be? Touchdown/Field Goal/Safety Touchdown Touchdown
8 – Which team will score first? Rams/Bengals Rams Rams
9 – Which team will record the first QB sack? Rams/Bengals Rams Bengals
10 – What will be the result of the first Coach’s Challenge? Overturned/Stands Overturned Stands
11 – Will Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr. score a TD? Yes/No Yes Yes
12 – Will Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase score a TD? Yes/No No No
13 – Will there be a missed extra point after a touchdown in the game? Yes/No Yes Yes
14 – Will a two-point conversion be attempted in the game? Yes/No Yes Yes
15 – Will Rams QB Matthew Stafford throw an interception? Yes/No Yes Yes
16 – How many passing yards will Bengals QB Joe Burrow have? Over/Under 276.5 yards Under Under
17 – Who will record more receiving yards? Cooper Kupp/Ja’Marr Chase Cooper Kupp Cooper Kupp
18 – Who will record more rushing yards? Cam Akers/Joe Mixon Joe Mixon Joe Mixon
19 – What will be the longest successful field goal of the game? Over/Under 47.5 yards Over Under
20 – Which team will win the Super Bowl? Rams/Bengals Rams Rams
TIEBREAKER: Total points scored by both teams combined 57 43
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