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Welcome back to your weekly Steelers’ mailbag. As always, we’re here for the next hour to answer whatever is on your mind.

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Anyway, to your questions!

James Cowan:

Hi Alex,

I know you don’t like the GM taking over after the draft as it won’t be his team. But surely the next GM will have so many years after this one it’s not a huge deal as it will become the next GM’s team?

Alex: Sure, the issue isn’t about what things will be like in 2024. But one year is a big year. Especially your first year and in such a critical offseason for the team. When was the last time an offseason was as important as this one? As this Steelers’ team begins writing its new chapter. And to come in after free agency (where the Steelers actually can/probably will spend much more than usual) and a critical draft, that’s not my definition of ideal. It’s just a bad foot to get off of for what is hopefully a long GM career.


Hey Alex,

Is there an argument you can think of that make a case for not drafting any OL in the first 3 rounds?

Alex: Probably only two with varying degrees of convince-ability.

1. Spent big many in free agency. Added probably two offensive linemen or I suppose re-signed one of Turner/Okorafor and signed the guy you let go. So re-sign Okorafor and sign a RG. Then they trust Green another year at center and they decide not to go o-line early in the draft.

2. Trade up for a QB. Where they give up #20 and say, their third to get a QB. And they used that 2nd round pick elsewhere for whatever reason.

Those are really any of the two scenarios that make any sort of sense.

DoomZone FF: 

The availability of Jimmy Garappolo seems to have come into question in a separate report. That could be a bunch of hullabaloo (didn’t know that was an actual word)

The Steelers are as predictable as a Buick. With that said they are not going to move heaven and earth for a vet QB. Irregardless of what Laconfora suggest. And there could be a bidding war for Jimmy, is that a war you want to win? 🥴

Your not a fan of Carson Wentz. That’s fine I am have been since NDSU. If it was for a conditional 2023 6th round pick, and the Colts agreed to eat all but 10M of his 2022 salary. Is that not the best available bridge option for the Steelers? They could still absolutely draft a QB and let him sit. And that’s not much money for a start able QB.

Alex: Nope, not a war I want to win or even participate in. He just puts you in QB purgatory because he is someone who is going to be around for more than just one season. He is not the long-term option and he’s not going to compete against these top QBs. He benefitted from a great run game and system under Kyle Shanahan. He won’t have that in Pittsburgh. So I will pass.

With all those qualifiers, it becomes more palatable. But he’s too hot and cold. If you’re a bridge guy, and Wentz would be, you’re here to manage the game. Goal isn’t to win games. Just not lose them. Wentz will lose you too many games. And giving up any capital for that doesn’t sit well with me.

Nick Vallo: 

A) Which free agent ILB would you most like to see play next to Bush next year?

B) Which free agent ILB do you think is most likely to play next to Bush next year?

Alex: I’m going to have to comb through the list of free agents to-be. Dont’a Hightower has been on my radar and the Brian Flores hiring furthers that thought. But he’s 32 and his best ball is behind him. So I don’t know if it makes football sense even if it makes “paper” sense. But I’ll have to look at the list.

Perhaps Rashaan Evans. Report was they were going to take him his draft-year before the Titans nabbed him. That’d make sense.

srdan: Is it just me or do Crosby and Rudolph look like twins?

Alex: Hmm..



Gotta be honest. I don’t see it.

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