Week 15 Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back in action this weekend after ten days off following Week 14’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. They’ll host the Tennessee Titans in a crucial game for Pittsburgh. The Steelers will need to go at least 3-1 over their final four games to have a chance of making the postseason. Good or bad, we’re here to recap and analyze things for you.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoyed following our continued coverage. I thank you for visiting the site and we appreciate all of your great feedback. As always, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Back to a more Steelers’ focused set of questions. As we always do, will the Steelers beat the Titans this Sunday?

2 – Titans’ QB Ryan Tannehill has thrown 13 INTs this season, six more than he did all of last year. How many INTs will he throw Sunday?

3 – Will Pittsburgh score more, less, or the same amount of points in the second half as they will the first half of this game?

4 – Which QB will be sacked more this weekend – Tannehill or Ben Roethlisberger?

5 – Will Chase Claypool have a catch of 30+ yards in this game?

Tiebreaker: How many yards will Najee Harris rush for? Closest answer wins any potential tiebreaker, including answers that go over.

Recap of 2021 Week 14 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: The Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens 24-22. A narrow 47.5% minority picked the Browns to win. The Browns go ahead of the Steelers in the race for a playoff spot. But Lamar Jackson is injured. Maybe this works to Steelers advantage IF they can win out. Notice the big if.

Question 2: Lamar Jackson injured his ankle on the first play of the second quarter. He left the game after gaining only five rushing yards. Nick Chubb ran the ball 17 times for 59 rushing yards. 77.5% of respondents gained an easy point by predicting Chubb running for more yards than Jackson.

Question 3: Depot respondents named six teams who they believe is the best team in the AFC. A couple stalwart fans stuck with the Steelers. Explaining, “The question is ‘best’ not ‘most likely to win the Super Bowl’ – I am incredibly proud to be a Steelers fan. A respectable, respectful, progressive, stand-up organization that is always in the mix, year in and year out. Wouldn’t trade with anyone.” The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs gobbled up most of the vote. The Patriots collected 48.6% compared to the Chiefs 37.1%. No points for this question this week.

Question 4: The Bengals fell behind early. But managed to tie the San Francisco 49ers before eventually losing in overtime. 42.5% of respondents scored a point by saying the Bengals would not beat the 49ers.

Question 5:  Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase caught five receptions apiece. Steelers Depot respondents evenly split on these two receivers. Steelers Depot headquarters is in a giving mood during the holiday season. After lengthy deliberation, headquarters determined that answering either player scores a point as they each led their team in receptions.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Ravens or Browns? Lamar Jackson or Nick Chubb Rush More? Best in AFC Bengals Beat 49ers? Tee Higgins or Ja’Marr Chase more RECs?


Steelers Depot respondents collectively answered two of four questions for score correctly. To keep pace in the standings, respondents needed three correct answers with the participation point to score four this week.

Seven respondents gained the five-point weekly bonus by answering all four of the scoring questions correctly for ten total points. Three are out of the money by taking the over on the tiebreaker. But Chris92021 leapt 16 places into a tie for 22nd on the leaderboard. And Steel_Man24 and FlaFan47 rose 16 places into a tie for tenth place. Pittfan took the under and breaks into the leaderboard at 22nd place. SJT63 is now in tenth and Agustin-Arg in eighth place. ManRayX now sitting on a money position in third.

Congrats Pittfan, SJT63, Agustin-Arg and ManRayX for splitting this week’s $25 pot!

Please send me a DM (subBurgher on twitter or quarternelson on Instagram or email with your PayPal address to receive your share of the winnings. Alternatively, you can kick your share back towards the next pot or donate it to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Entirely up to you, just let me know.

GhotiFish and Lou Rock continue to hold the top two positions. ManRayX makes a move toward the top and sits at third. Chris92021 and Pittfan enter the leaderboard for the first time this season. Two folks dropped off who appeared on the leaderboard for most of the season. Four more weeks until the final prizes awarded!

Answer the FN5Q every week for a chance for the weekly prize and an opportunity for the end of season prizes. Thanks to the graciousness of week 13’s winner PittShawnC, next week it’s a $50 pot to the winner.

2021 Regular Season leaderboard after week 14:

GhotiFish 71 First
Lou Rock 70 Second
ManRayX 67 Third +2
RMSteeler 64 Fourth -1
Anna Lammers 63 Fifth -1
wa_steel 60 Sixth -1
Beaver Falls Hosiery 59 Seventh
Mike Bianchi 58 Eighth (tie)
Agustin-ARG 58 Eighth (tie) +14
Andy N 56 Tenth (tie) -2
Lucky Beagle 56 Tenth (tie) +1
MAK Lives Free 56 Tenth (tie) +1
Jesse Logue 56 Tenth (tie) +4
Steel_Man24 56 Tenth (tie) +16
FlaFan47 56 Tenth (tie) +16
SJT63 56 Tenth (tie) +16
B&G 55 17th (tie) -6
Pghomer 55 17th (tie) -2
Dave 54 19th (tie) -11
Douglas Prostorog 54 19th (tie) -4
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 54 19th (tie) -2
Ratsotex 53 22nd (tie) -3
*Chris92021 53 22nd (tie) +15
Deep_derp 52 24th (tie) -5
*Pittfan 52 24th (tie) +15
Slim Stew 51 26th (tie) -7
Steely McBeam 51 26th (tie) -4
DirtDawg1964 51 26th (tie) -2
Don2727 50 29th -12
will 49 30th (tie)
Pius Street Uke 49 30th (tie)
Ted Webb 49 30th (tie)
Andi B 49 30th (tie)

*New to leaderboard

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or you can always send me a twitter DM @subBurgher or Instagram username quarternelson.

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